Which Of My Favorite Movies Do You Like The Most?


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Thought I’d interact with my readers a little regarding my favorite films. It’s a simple poll really. Out of the sixteen movies that make up my all-time favorites, which of ’em do you like the most? Or if you don’t like any of them, you can say that too. Comment below if you want to reveal your choices to me, bash my tastes, or whatever. I’m all ears.

I’ll reveal what I intend to do with the results by next week, but let’s just say that I’m not going to do anything that’ll harm you for voting. Intentionally anyways. I will be discussing the results though, so look forward to that.

16 responses to “Which Of My Favorite Movies Do You Like The Most?

    • The downside is if that they were split into parts, these directors wouldn’t be working on them to begin with. And these directors are a large part of why I love these movies so much. I mean I know Fincher directed the first two episodes of House of Cards, but he didn’t do the whole thing.

  1. I regret to say that while I’ve seen just about all of the films on your list I’ve missed out on Vice squad and the great race. Its a very hard choice for me to choose between clockwork orange, blue velvet and battle royale but I ended up picking blue velvet, David Lynch makes such refreshingly unusual, immersive, engrossing, atmospheric films . Can’t say I have much qualms here beyond that while I enjoyed heat its not quite on the level others do and having seen all of Tarantino’s films before it and loving all of them I think I ended up giving pulp fiction not enough credit as a result of that. Blazing saddles was a significant surprise for me and its a shame so many modern audiences will probably end up watching that terrible Seth McFarlane film over it. I see you share my love of exploitation and dark humour =)
    I’ve been using your film list (along with Landon and deadlights) for a while now for picking out good films to watch.

    • Vice Squad is obscure as fuck. Whilst The Great Race is a classic that’s kinda gotten more obscure with time in the same vein as A Mad Mad World, Vice Squad is just some random film an old roommate showed me in college. When I watched it, it became my favorite crime film of all-time until I saw Heat a year ago.

  2. I feel pretty boring picking Pulp Fiction, but it is one of my favorite movies. If I’m not counting it there are a decent number here I’d have a hard time choosing between. I’d like to rewatch Heat at some point, but it’s just so long I have difficulty making the time.

  3. I like many of them – Pulp Fiction, Empire Strikes Back, Blues Brothers and Blazing Saddles all figure among my all-time favourites – but whenever I try to think of “the absolutely BEST movie I’ve ever seen”, the one perfect in basically every respect, I can only think of A Clockwork Orange. So that’s my choice.

  4. Empire Strikes Back is my favorite among them, but I’m absolutely tickled to see two of my favorite comedies – The Blues Brothers and Blazing Saddles – among your favorites.

  5. What’s not here is an option stating “I’ve never watched any of them.” I’m out of the loop on these things. That said, I’ve still heard of these movies and should be watching them soon, probs.

    I can’t choose, dammit. Say, which of these movies are most accessible to new viewers?

  6. Embarrasingly i’ve only watch empire strikes back. Even then i don’t really remember much about it (watched it when i was still attention devisit elementary schooler)