When A Show Basically Tells You To Drop It, Oblige It


That’s what I did when Ai Tenchi Muyo basically yelled in my head that if I was dumb enough to continue after watching that horrendous fifth episode, I’d have less brain functions than a lobotomy victim or a wannabe rapper.

– If you haven’t heard yet, the fifth episode was basically a recap of everything that happened prior, narrated by one of the new girls. Keep in mind that Ai Tenchi Muyo is a short with new episodes being released every weekday.

Did you really think I’d forget what happened in the previous episodes so soon? Was there any point to the recap aside from clarifying stuff that was made painfully obvious when the first panty-flash occurred? Plus, do you realize that we’re only 1/10 of the way through this atom-bomb of a series?! That’s like watching the introduction to Sleeping Beauty and then having the three good fairies narrate reflect on it after the blue fairy cast the spell to lessen Maleficent’s curse.


I haven’t seen such a painful admission of creator self-defeat since the finale to Kampfer. And if the creators don’t think their product is worth watching, why should I?

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