Fall 2014 Anime Pre-Rankings

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Japanese Kanye West giving his opinion on all the shitty anime surrounding him like the arrogant jackass he is.

Well, we’re two weeks in now. Let’s rank these anime based on their premieres, shall we? Incidentally, I’m only going to include the stuff I had some expectations for. Not a lot (because otherwise I wouldn’t put Unlimited Blade Works or Your April Is a Lie on here). Just enough to be curious.

No shorts, sequels, and such are on the list barring Psycho-Pass 2 because that’s being done by a different team and is thus separate enough from the first one to stand on its own. Therefore, even if Mushishi didn’t have such a late-release, it wouldn’t be on here.


15. Denki-gai


14. Shirobako

Twenty minutes of nothing but a bunch of talking heads jabbering about the anime industry, and what little “realism” there is is indistinguishable from School Rumble. Apparently, this is what you people call entertainment. My god, the bar for “realistic fiction” in anime is set so low.

13. Terra Formars

Incompetent in practically every way. Plus, some of the writing makes me think the so-called acclaimed source material wasn’t good either.

12. Donten ni Warau

Interesting premise ruined by horrendous characters. Next!

11. Inou-Battle

Generic, annoying, and padded like hell.

10. Your April is a Lie

On the one hand, the animation is great. On the other hand, I wanted to drop this as soon as they injured the main character with a baseball because “hurting unfortunate people with simplistic slapstick is funny even if it has nothing to do with the plot”.

9. Unlimited Blade Works

I’ll probably watch the first episode of the actual series and drop it.

8. Kokkuri-san

Too slow to be funny.

7. G no Reconguista

The editing and dialogue is so haphazard that I can’t pay attention to what’s going on.

6. Akatsuki no Yona


5. Amagi Brilliant Park

It’s delivering in the absurdist humor. Hopefully it doesn’t run out of steam.

4. Parasyte

Like everything about this except for the music. Goddamn that dubstep sucks! And the OP is ear cancer.

3. Garo

Has its flaws, but it’s solid enough that I don’t mind ’em too much.

2. Psycho-Pass 2

Details are iffy, but this episode is the standard for how all sequel series should open up like.

1. Bahamut

Epic fun in about every way. If it can keep this up for a single-cour, it’ll easily be my favorite of the season and maybe the year.

13 responses to “Fall 2014 Anime Pre-Rankings

  1. I think Madhouse have made Parasyte too clean looking. The mood is somewhat stiffed from a lack of grittiness. Oh, and the music is farts on a keyboard.

    G no Reco is straight-up tomino that I can see it being one of the most divisive things on the calendar. I can get behind it for a laugh (did you see the flushable cockpit?!), but that Noredo Nug chick srsly needs to fug off.

    Still iffy on Bahamut. There’s plenty in there to like, but waiting for it come together yet. And super demon girl outfit was so shitty, Senketsu would blush.

    GARO is amazing when the main protagonists aren’t present.

    Kokkuri-san is well made, but yeah, I wasn’t laughing much either. Maybe it has a Watamote-esk quality to it that I can latch to.

    Psycho-Pass 2 was aiight.

    I skimmed through UWB because the first part was boring as sin. I’ll probably stick around for some battle porn.