Bahamut’s Premiere Gets The Basics Right At The Very Least

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Whilst I’d rather ignore the amount of praise that’s being showered on Bahamut’s first episode until I see more of it, I do think it’s up there with Kill la Kill in terms of getting the basics right regarding an exciting premiere. It doesn’t have anything deep to say – at least not at first glance – but it does enough right with me that I can overlook the fact that I don’t usually get on with medieval settings. The characters are fun, the world feels big, and it throws us into the action without explaining anything we didn’t need to know at present time. Sure the show could crash later on, but at least I’ll be sticking around to find out.

I’ve seen some comparisons being thrown around regarding what Bahamut is like at the moment, and the one product that I think matches what the anime is going for is the first Pirates of the Carribean movie. Our main hero (I think his name is Favaro Leone) is basically a toned-down Jack Sparrow in the occupation of a bounty hunter rather than a pirate. Due to his greed, he’s been magically cursed and is forced to go on a journey with a mysterious woman in order to get rid of the curse with hints of the sprawling epicness and character bantering that made The Black Pearl so fun to come.

– Whether or not said fun does arrive remains to be seen, but I was laughing my ass off during the exchanges Favaro made with his “rival” and “what-I-assume-to-be secondary male lead”, Kaiser Leonard, whilst they chased each other through the city, Lupin/Zenigata style. If the show improves and expands on that formula in the future, I think it’ll mirror Black Pearl pretty well.

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There isn’t really much I can say about Bahamut’s premiere at the moment aside from generic stuff regarding how it does execution well, because the story isn’t really that special right now. So I’ll just end this post by remarking on the fact that it’s based on a card game, which is what initially turned me off from the show until I saw Mappa was behind it. Thankfully, the only hints that it’s based on said material is how the capture system that bounty hunters use to ensnare their prey mirrors the method the Egyptians in Yu-Gi-Oh used to capture the monsters.

– We don’t really get any explanation for how that works, and to be honest that’s what I prefer, because it doesn’t really matter to the plot at the moment – and I very much doubt i want it to matter. It’s kind of a side thing, unlike WIXOSS where it was front-and-center, yet vastly unexplored, and that’s cool with me. Because seriously, when you start narrating on how the mechanics of that shit works, chances are you’re not going to stop in the future.

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So yeah, Mappa. You impressed me again for now. Now someone please sub Garo so I can see how good that is too? I’m not the only one waiting for those subs, Funimation. I know quite a few people more annoying than I who will spam your inbox relentlessly until you release it.

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