Still Waiting For Something Good To Get Subbed

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I don’t think I’ve seen a lousier first week for a new anime season in a long time. Denki-Gai was banal trash. Amagi got delayed due to volleyball. And I had to drop Terra Formars because it was offensive to me as a guy who watches anime just as much for the craft as I do for the story – which is also f*cking awful.

So what gets subbed this weekend?

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*Closes video file and marks anime dropped on MAL*

Come on, I don’t want Akame ga Kill to be the only thing on my “watching” list by the end of this week. Someone please sub Garo already. It’s one of the few shows I actually had pre-hype for and Funi decides to give priority release to the Satelight show instead?

2 responses to “Still Waiting For Something Good To Get Subbed

  1. I am so unbelievably irritated with funi right now. Not that I’ve ever liked them, but they’re definitely not ingratiating themselves to me right now. Looks like they don’t plan on releasing it any time soon, and no other subbing groups are picking it up as of now. Sigh, maybe I’m overreacting but this was one of my most hyped shows of the season and it seems like they dropped the ball

    Idk maybe they just thought not that many people would be interested in watching it…