Tomino’s Still Got It After All These Years…Which Is Detrimental To My Own Enjoyment

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This is what qualifies for dialogue in this show.

What I Liked:

  • The opening and ending songs were alright.
  • I liked the style. Hand-drawn animation is something I have a soft spot for, and the whole thing was pretty lively overall.

What I Disliked:

  • Pretty much everything else. Especially the dialogue. Holy shit, can someone please tell him Tomino that stating the obvious in the most random of moments is neither funny nor engaging unless you have a terrible English dub to go with it?


  • Why did I give this the benefit of the doubt? It’s Gundam. And Tomino. I respect the guy’s commitment to using that retro, hand-drawn style of animation in this day and age, but he brought everything that annoys me about him along for the ride, and I have no patience for sitting through another King Gainer, let alone when it’s attached to a mecha series I have shown nothing but disdain for ever since I found out it was attached to a genre that made me stop looking forward to Kathryn Bigelow films.
  • I know a lot of you guys love that about his stuff though, so I don’t think fans of the man should be disappointed by what he’s doing here. You don’t need me to join you in the praise though. Peace.

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PS: I was going to screencap the “this world is not square” line, but considering everyone else has already made fun of it by this point (and I can’t seem to remember when it occurs in the first episode), I don’t think I need to add to that fire.

3 responses to “Tomino’s Still Got It After All These Years…Which Is Detrimental To My Own Enjoyment

  1. I got the first 2 episodes, gonna give ’em a watch. I did skim the first ep though. It looks like the message is that “women can’t drive/pilot”.

    I’ll be honest in saying my experience in Gundam is pretty limited. But stuff like the first Build Fighters have piqued my interest, since the philosophy there is to have fun and enjoy, as opposed to being an “anal fan canon/word of god nazi”.

  2. He notified the people in the control room because they’re holding a very important person and that she should be secured, the cheerleaders were potentially trouble so he notified the room, the person that he caught falling from the sky, why is she important? Because she’s from the heavens, as was explained by the church scene.

    She noted her friend was kicked because as the person who kicked her noted, they(the cheerleaders) are Kuntala, a class of people often considered of lower caste, which you would learn if you had watched the rest of the show.

    The world is not square was a line that emphasized that she was more experienced than the boy in the scene regarding battles in space, because just seconds before the line the boy made a battle strategy as if they were under atmosphere where up and down is actually a thing as opposed to space battles, something anyone would have understood if they paid attention.

    You see, you being ignorant does not mean that the lines were meaningless.

    • Why are you complaining about what I said regarding an anime from almost two years ago? I don’t even remember anything about G Reconguista at this point.