Looking At The Abandoned Shows #4

Let’s finish up the rest of the finales for the summer, shall we?

Mahouka no Rettousei

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Saying Mahouka is unimaginatively bad at this point is like saying someone’s fart smells like shit. As such, all I can say is that the final episode was uncreatively dull and the ending segment was practically the most unabashed sequel setup I’ve seen since…well…the next entry on this post.

Tokyo ESP

This was just painfully boring and stupid. Tokyo ESP’s finale wasn’t actively bad in the same vein that Mahouka’s was, but its sequel hook was even more insulting and it just has little going for it in general. Awful action. Awful budget. Awfully anticlimactic final fight. Nothing really happening in retrospect. Just plain shitty.


So fucking dull, unfunny, and forgettable that I completely wiped this thing from my memory after finishing it.

Free: Eternal Summer

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I thought this finale was going to be as boring as Haikyuu’s considering what I heard about it prior to watching the thing. And yes, there’s a lot of time in this episode that’s wasted on characters reiterating things I could have figured out for myself. I mean come on, KyoAni. I know you have a fanbase to cater to, but sometimes you’ve got to be strict with them and give them what they “need” rather than what they “want”.

What makes this one of the better finales is the actual closure it gives to the show along with the final swim sequence being pretty cool to watch. That, and I kind of laughed at the cheesy crying we were probably supposed to take seriously, which got more of a reaction out of me than Haikyuu’s dull angst-fest. It’s pretty much a worse version of Ping Pong’s finale, but what can you do?

Hunter x Hunter

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If Free’s finale surprised me by being okay, this one surprised me by being duller than I thought it’d be. In fact, it’s pretty much the same episode structurally since the finale is all about Gon reaffirming everything that happened with Ging and his plans for the future and all that. The difference is, there was no final fight sequence to close things off and the only thing I enjoyed was the ending when that “smile again” song played.

– Before you guys go “it’s because you didn’t watch what happened prior” and all that, keep in mind this is me. I don’t really fanboy over my favorites like I used to back when I started this blog. And I’ve never liked that kind of epilogue-ending, even in shows I liked (*cough* FMA Brotherhood *cough*).

– Now you guys know my favorite “long” shows are the Takahashi sitcom trio of Lum/Ranma/Ikkoku. Whilst the middle one ended on just another episode, the first ended with chaos and the third had a few of the same problems as HxH’s finale, but it did have more than just talking about things. I get why people like this finale, but this is my blog, and I’m sure that if I were a fan of the show, I’d give it the same “should have been an extra OVA” criticism I’m doing now.

Shonen Hollywood

Holy shit, do these characters do anything other than talk me to death? They’re not even talking about anything interesting. These boys aren’t exactly the cast from Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

– Oh yeah, I also watched a little bit of the new SAO after hearing it fucked up big again. That was a mistake.

5 responses to “Looking At The Abandoned Shows #4

  1. Well, with HXH they really had to just try and do the best they could with what they had. The manga’s not yet over but may as well be and stuff. I can’t deny after the heights of Chimera Ant this whole arc was a bit underwhelming – too short to work as a new arc entirely, and too little tense to provide a good closure after those many thrills. But it’s also true that HXH has never been a fighting-centred story, as deception, puzzles and exploration have always been part of the equation as well. So I wouldn’t have expected a final fight of sorts, but yeah, this was still your typical “open ending”. Though it IS kinda fitting for a series so focused around the idea of “journey”.