Terror In Resonance Sets Itself Up For One Big Explosion

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Hopefully that bomb isn’t dropped on its foot.

Yeah, Nine and Twelve are going to die eventually so no “true” happy ending is going to occur. But I won’t accept just any bittersweet/downer ending. I mean we’ve got an atomic bomb about to blow Japan up and Five is out of the game now after fulfilling her role. At the very least, it should be a darker version of the ending for Bokurano – although just like this show, I seem to be alone in my feelings regarding how good that anime turned out.

It’s a tough hole that Resonance has dug for itself, but Watanabe has never failed me in regards to ending his shows yet. Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and Kids on the Slope had great finales (I don’t remember Macross Plus’s ending other than it not being bad, but I didn’t care). So come on dude. Show me what you’ve got, next week!

PS: Is it really that hard to interpret why Five did what she did? She wanted to beat Nine. In the end, she realized she never “truly” could, but she came close and was satisfied with that, so she offed herself. What’s there to get? And even if I’m wrong, I saw enough evidence to support said theory with nothing substantial to debunk it.

– Granted I had help in terms of understanding this, but we’re not exactly watching Penguindrum here.

5 responses to “Terror In Resonance Sets Itself Up For One Big Explosion

  1. Dunno, the scenario seems indeed pretty straightforward, but it also was so sudden and kinda jarring. I guess that left people wondering whether that was all there was to it. The meaning was clear imho, the execution though was rather disappointing.

      • Well, I’m not against sudden plot twists in general. But this almost felt like a cop out – a way to close Five’s entire plot thread quickly in time for the ending. Though on second thought, it IS true that this episode made many plot threads a tad bit more believable (for example the US agents acting with such disregard of the law – they were trying in fact to prove Japan had been developing atomic weapons, so their mission was overtly hostile to begin with).

  2. That scene makes it so that chasing Nine seemed to be her only purpose in life. And that itself is weird, you know. The two boys have escaped the institution long ago, who can guarantee that they are still kicking and alive? Who can guarantee that he is still the same boy who played games with you?

    Despite those uncertainity, Five still went ahead and worked for the US. Even if she is a genius, would the US give her such a high status on a whim? No. She worked hard and earned a position where she can order FBI agents and special force soldiers. Such a person put herself in bad position just so that she can play game once more in with her childhood friend? *rolls eyes*

    • None of what you complained about is important to the plot.

      Also, why is it weird? This stuff is pretty standard chase film stuff. In fact, I’ve seen chase films with more unbelievable motivations than this.