Akame ga Kill: Episode 9 — No Flavor Today (Or Ever)

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My main problem with Akame ga Kill as of this point is that it’s too goddamn predictable.

You remember my complaints regarding Independence Day and Gladiator? How they’re popular stuff that I find really boring because they add no flavor to their basic premise? Well Akame ga Kill is that right now, except worse off because at least those films I mentioned have some decent fight scenes and aren’t almost twelve hours long in total. This episode isn’t inherently bad – though really, few things are. You can have a downtime episode where new things are established after a big fight, although I’d cut down on the whole Esdeath is badass stuff because we already know this and you’re not even reiterating this information in an interesting way. You can establish that these new Jaegars are the evil counterpart of Night Raid. I’d rather you not have shitty shonen jokes, but whatever. I’m sure fans like that stuff.

What you shouldn’t do is make everything so basic to the point of tedium. It’s the same problem (well, one of them) that bogged down Jormungand in that there’s no complexity to any of the sides we see in this show in regards to Night Raid, the government, the Jaegers, etc. And if there is complexity, it’s not done very well, particularly in regards to fan favorite, Esdeath. She is just so obviously evil, so obviously sadistic, and yet so loyal to her bosses whilst wanting to fall in love on the side that I struggle to see what people see in her. None of the traits that make her up, whether it’d be look on life or her aspirations, are unique in any way. At least Ilsa from those notorious sexploitation prison films from the 70s showed fear when she found there was a man who couldn’t subdue, you know? And even with her bad acting, Esdeath is a robot by comparison.

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-By the way, the above picture is already being turned into a meme by certain anime groups that I will not name here. What a shock.

Nobody else is picking up the slack either. Tatsumi gets stronger and enters a tournament where he beats his new opponent through a curbstomp that doesn’t even require him to put on his new plot armor. Predictable. The Jaegers are consisted of a bunch of shonen stereotypes, two of whom we’ve seen prior, who add nothing unique to the genre and are not funny. Boring. The remaining Night Raid members…well what do you think I think of them? These characters are just too boring, too firmly rooted to very simple beliefs, and I can’t take them seriously because they act too cartoonish for drama to work, yet they’re not over-the-top enough to be funny. So The Gimp from Pulp Fiction is a family man. What does this add to the show? If it’s supposed to be humorously ironic, why is the execution of the thing as rote as this show’s awful action scenes? Please tell me. I’m dying to know.

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Survival of the fittest isn’t the newest of concepts, but it could be made interesting if the show provided some sort of complexity regarding its subject matter. Sadly, all we get is that if you’re strong (and the main character), then the villain of the opposite sex will fall for you. Yawn! Wake me up when some actual insights are given, will you?


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