A Couple of Links To Other Blogs And Stuff

First thing’s first. A new seasonal podcast is up on Deadlight’s Anime Blog, where we discuss “individual details vs. the big picture” regarding some of the shows this season. Go listen to it and laugh at our worries that Terror in Resonance is going to suck.

On another note, I’ve started a new blog called The Flawed Elitist. After some thinking I realized that it’d probably be best to put my posts regarding Z-grade exploitation, hentai, and other personal projects on a new blog in order to prevent clogging up Standing On My Neck with too many ideas than it can handle. Currently on the blog are my two most recent posts and a new post regarding the 1981 Italian zombie porno, Porno Holocaust, looked at by my new alternate Internet personality: The Flawed Elitist. Hope you enjoy that blog as much as (or more than) you enjoy this one, and that you look forward to more content in the near future.

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