Preparing For My Return Trip To The City of Sin

Whilst anime fans are still waiting for more Shaft-adapted Nisio Isin anthology stories concerning young girl fetishism and deep moral quandaries to get subbed and released, I’m anticipating in three or so days to see Rodriguez-adapted anthology stories written by a guy with a fetish for machoism and prostitutes on my screen.

After almost a decade of waiting, the sequel to the only good thing associated with Frank Miller (not that I’m dismissing the cultural impact that The Dark Knight Returns had or anything) is upon us, and I could not be happier. Unless you’re completely cut off from the film world, I find it hard to believe that you’ve never at least heard of Sin City. Adapted from the 90s graphic novel series, the movie stood out for its unique black-and-white comic book visual style (whilst coloring in certain important parts) and its great cast (along with Jessica Alba) playing some of the nuttiest noir characters in a world where Miller’s fetishes actually make sense. Sin City itself is similar to Roanapur in Black Lagoon: a place ruled by corruption where killing is the norm and you only root for one person because he/she is less evil than the other.

It’s easily one of the best comic book adaptations I’ve seen in the last ten years, so of course I’d be open for more stories from this universe, provided that they keep to the original’s strengths and not devolve into…well…everything that usually makes Frank Miller “Frank Miller”. (edit:) I even recently rewatched my Bluray copy of the original theatrical release in preparation for this film. And it was just as awesome as when I first saw it.

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But that’s not the only reason why I’m looking forward to the sequel. Apparently, Miller is going to be doing a more open adaptations in regards to his series, adding two new stories that follow-up on what happened in the first film and allowing some of the previous actors/actresses to take center stage again when they wouldn’t have otherwise. I assume the original A Dame to Kill story will be the same in the film as it was in the book, but otherwise this is more the kind of loose adaptation I prefer. The only real problem I had with the first movie is that apparently it’s a direct translation of the original source, the same way the Monster anime was. That’s not an inherently bad thing if the source material is excellent – again like Monster – but you know how I think. If I wanted to experience the original story, I’d just read said story.

True the original Sin City did not have Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke, but otherwise even the dialogue is the same. As such, you’ll be hard-pressed to get me to read the original graphic novels.

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As long as the new stuff isn’t complete shit – which wouldn’t surprise me too much because The Spirit in all its horrendousness is still fresh on my mind – then I can’t see much going wrong. Especially since in regards to his crime films, Robert Rodriguez has yet to disappoint me. I liked Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Machete Kills. That says a lot. I don’t expect to love the new Sin City as much as the first one, but I do expect to have a lot of fun and hopefully it won’t be as much of a degradation in quality as those other two films I just mentioned. This year has been consistently awesome for movies I’m into so far, despite The Expendables 3 still not living up to its potential. Surely Sin City can join in the fun too.

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