Sword Art Online II: Episode 5 — Next Time on Star Wars Z

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God knows we need some Kyle Hebert narration to keep me awake through this borefest of an episode. Whilst the creators are obviously trying with this – unlike the hacks who are adaptating Tokyo ESP so choppily – something about GGO at the moment just feels lazy and rote. The pacing is obviously faster than Dragonball Z’s tournaments, but at the same time, it feels like just as much happens in an episode of GGO as an episode of the former. Maybe it’s because of the fact that I know Kirito is going to win and he’s not exactly Jason Statham levels of charming to make me get past that? Maybe it’s because the tactics are overblown and the tension is stupid? Maybe it’s because of that dumb fanservice scene regarding Sinon that makes no sense (why would you need to unequip your clothes before you put on new ones? Can’t you just swap out right away?), along with the overly long fallout that ate up around a quarter of the episode?

Either way, I’ve gotten pretty lazy at writing about this show with each passing episode because I’d have to descend into the realm of MST3King in order to write something the show does differently as of this point, and I’m not really in the mood for joining that bandwagon at the moment. Also not in the mood for copying other people’s tweets and such, because despite watching this show with people, I was thinking similar thoughts to this recent Anime Maru article long ago – hence why I haven’t really tweeted about the show since it aired myself, apart from post promotion – and have thus muted SAO from my timeline. Also muted Love Stage, but that’s for different reasons entirely.

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Quick summary: Kirito’s true gender is discovered by Sinon, she’s mad at him, he learns how to be a better Jedi in a throwaway fight, and we get that stupid scene at the end that I fail to see the importance of in any way.

In other words, another episode of Kirito-wanking with slow plot progression and all stupid. Yawn!

4 responses to “Sword Art Online II: Episode 5 — Next Time on Star Wars Z

  1. @ Flawfinder the reason the last scence was importend is becouse this guy belong to the loughing coffin the guilt you seen in the first season with this same mark on his hand

      • becouse his membership in the guild will have some effect on ggo also it not suprise you think it was not importend since they didnt explore this part of story in aincard arc

  2. I kind of agree with you. When he was fighting that first guy in the tournament I was thinking “Now the guy gives a fight and Kirito needs his deepest abilities to completely overwhelm him and kick his ass”. It was very predictable, obviously, Kirito is NOT gonna lose in the first freaking fight, plus they are probably gonna skip most of the others, right? The fanservice is pretty ridiculous cause its so obvious. It pretty much looks like this guys are trying to slow down this arc. Things happen so slowly, when Kirito (on the other episode) was in that thing where he needed to touch the robot NPC to gain money, when he was almost about to start I though “now they are gonna show Asuna doing nothing at Alpheim online, or Suguha trying to murder Asuna, or a flashback to show how depressing this character past was” It didn’t happen but it wouldn’t be a surprise at all if it did.