Movie Look: We’re Back – A Dinosaur Story

Short Summary: Four dinosaurs are given intelligence and are transported to the present-day in order to entertain children, only to run into trouble along the way.

I remember this film getting shown to me at least five times during my elementary school years. I had a thing for dinosaurs at the time, so I mostly ate up what I saw despite the nonsensical plot. As an adult, not only is the plot nonsensical, but it’s really boring. You’d think releasing four huge dinosaurs in the city of Manhattan would cause something interesting to happen, but nothing really does. They just get chased, sing songs out of nowhere, and then get into a conflict with an evil circus entertainer that they could have easily gotten out of if they just threatened to eat the dude. Throw in the fact that the visuals are frighteningly shot (and not in a good way), the human element feeling like it was thrown in just to add conflict to the story ala Tom and Jerry: The Movie, and you’re in for a movie that’s only a little over an hour long, yet feels twice as long.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 6.56.09 AM

Verdict: Not even worth watching for John Goodman as a T-rex.

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