Movie Look: Limitless

Short Summary: A down-on-his luck guy takes a drug that unlocks the full potential of his brain and uses it to turn his life around, only to experience consequences from both the drug and the people pursuing it.

In preparation for Luc Besson’s Lucy film coming out this weekend, I decided to check out Limitless, a film I’ve seen on a few “top 2011” lists that I missed out on when it first came to theatres and apparently had a similar premise to Lucy given the comparisons I’ve seen on the net. Now that I’ve seen it, all I can say is “2011 wasn’t that lame a year for action/thriller movies, guys”. In fact, it’s one of my favorite movie years within the last decade with awesome stuff like Fast Five, X-Men: First Class, and f*cking Drive, let alone some great non-action stuff like Tree of Life or The Artist.

And don’t get me wrong, Limitless was a solid film overall. It’s pretty fun to see Bradley Cooper using his new powers to rise from rags to riches – kind of like Jumper except actually fun to watch – and I don’t think the problems regarding the logic behind said powers are as dumb as people say. The problem comes when the show goes away from examining the effects of said power in the first half to more of an actual story around the second half. And unfortunately, the story is about as non-existent as that godawful sequel to Spice and Wolf. The whole thing devolves into basic thriller elements and by the time you reach the end, you realize that nothing consequential happened at all. So after rising up in power, he experiences side-effects, tussles with a few guys, finds a way to overcome those side-effects, and continue his successful life with some unnecessary attempts at ambiguity thrown in? Weak.


Verdict: I’m glad Rise of the Planet of the Apes beat this film for “Best Sci-Fi Film” at the 2012 Saturn Awards.

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  2. This movie really bugs me the more I think about it. I could say that it’s all a metaphor for 1980’s cocaine explosion, rich investors, etc, but watching Limitless felt a lot like watching…that show. Nevermind the “10% brain theory” the character was given a power-up and ran away with it in a condescending halo of that NZT thing. Story-wise, Eddie turns into a bit of a dick, but it’s not like he started as jesus either. He seriously reminds me of Kirito (yes, that show).

    Eddie is a lucky prick, and that’s how he’s fixed for most of the show. Even if his presentation was intentional, it really kills the show. Especially since I’m under the impression that these types of shows might just need grounded characterization, but whatever.

    *This is a bit late, but Lucy uses the same premise with the exception of Morgan Freeman and more guns. A little peak on the wiki tells me that the plot is nothing worth rationalizing, and just a tad insane. Just a bit, no worries.

    Just a bit.