Akame ga Kill: Episode 3 — Twin-Tailed Tsunderes Suck

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Real subtle there. I bet you’re a hit at parties.

I was asked recently regarding where I’d rank Akame ga Kill amongst White Fox’s other borefests and honestly, I’d have to say it’s near the top. It’s generic fantasy whilst just being stupid enough to poke fun of, unlike Tears to Tiara which was just plain generic fantasy (and by the way, Satelight’s fantasy anime for the Fall is going to suck too), and it actually moves the plot forward faster than Bleach, unlike…well…everything else they make. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still utterly boring at points, particularly when it tries to take itself seriously. And when it’s not, the comedy is…

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I’ll give you one guess what the context of this scene is and what happens afterwards.

It’s mostly the context of these comedic scenes and how they clash so badly with the grimdark tone Akame ga Kill wants to indulge in that allows me to continue laughing at this stupid show three episodes in. Boy, when I was watching Shin Sekai Yori, I was so disappointed that we didn’t have a scene of Saki getting walked in on by a bunch of queerats whilst changing – let alone the kind of the bust that the manga provided. What a fucking hack studio A-1 Pictures is, right? But White Fox will show them. Fanservice scenes aren’t in the manga you say (no seriously, the above pic is anime-original)? We can’t have that. Let’s add them in! But sir, wouldn’t it make more sense to remove the humor from the original source altogether rather than add even more tone-clashing stuff? Don’t talk back to me! I have a vision!

I guess the tonal shift between silly date to public execution wasn’t as bad as the manga’s “Wheel of Manga” thing, but whatever. The show still sucks.

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Seriously, what is up with the technicals for this show? I know this studio is hit-and-miss in terms of budget and that they take to terrible action scenes the same way Justin Bieber takes to vacuous fratboy behavior, but I recently watched Magic User’s Club and am shocked at how similar the aesthetics are compared to this. As much as I love Magic User’s Club, the animation – and some of the humor – is dated as hell. And that anime is fifteen years old. Why is that same look being applied now, from a studio that at least has money for decent shading even if their animation is shit? I can’t believe there are people who defend this kind of look, especially when it resorts to stills for the fight scenes. Fucking stills with no choreography whatsoever! Whoever says Kyoukai no Kanata’s or Sword Art Online’s action sucks, and yet defends the technicals in this is a goddamn hypocrite. They did, but at least they had animation.

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But of course, that could be excusable if the writing was good, right? Bahahahaha! Of course it’s not! It’s an empty shonen adventure that’s so cliche-ridden that it’s not even worth going into detail about. The only thing I think was noticeable about this episode is that Mine (the twin-tailed girl) seems to be forming the standard “I love/hate him” relationship with Tatsumi, and that the latter once again thinks about his friends in a manner so rushed and phony it carries less weight than a girl crying to her college professor about a “C” she received.

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Oh, and gay jokes. Because why not?

15 responses to “Akame ga Kill: Episode 3 — Twin-Tailed Tsunderes Suck

  1. It amuses me that you’ve dropped most every anime that’s merely mediocre, but are blogging two of the worst anime of the season (this and SAO).

    • I’m guessing it’s because the crappy ones are fun to blog due to how bad they are. The stupidity never ceases to be entertaining. While the mediocre ones are just too boring to continue with.

    • Honestly, I would have dropped SAO if it weren’t for the fact that I’m groupwatching it with some friends. As for Akame ga Kill, I’m mostly using it an outlet for all the bile against White Fox I’ve accumulated over the last year or so. And I’ve stored a lot, so it can carry me for a while.

      That said, I’d pick these shows over stuff like Barakamon easily because I can’t get into that sort of SOL stuff. But yeah, watch Aldnoah Zero or Nozaki-kun instead. I’m not planning to finish ’em for personal reasons and I think they’re just “okay” at best, but they’re more fun to watch overall.

      • Just curios by the way, would you say that you’re blogging Akame ga Kill and SAO also it draws more views/hits on your blog? Since well, a lot of people are railing on these 2 shows but they have a large/growing fanbase so naturally it would attract more people here if you have something to say about it.

      • “Yes, although if popularity was the sole factor, I would have blogged Mahouka.”

        True, why haven’t you blogged Mahouka by the way? From what I read, you’re kind of hate-blogging SAO and Akame but why not Mahouka? Is it because you’re not group-watching or is it because its just too boring?

    • I think this is the only decent anime this season. I had to lower my standards a bit because if not I wouldn’t watch anything. Anime really has gone down the drain in recent years.

  2. What the bloody hell happened to White Fox? Did they fall to some scam and lost all the money? It’s sad, especially since they once managed to make some great shows. They DID – Katanagatari and Steins;Gate. Don’t even try to argue with me, I’m going full deaf to any sensible arguments now.

    Oh, and the first Magic User’s Club was indeed nice. I didn’t manage to finish to finish the second though. It lacked this ‘magic’ feel, which is a problem for a show focusing around it.

    • Not really sure myself. I wasn’t a big fan of Katanagatari and I’ve retroactively turned against Steins;Gate for reasons I won’t go into here, but I get their appeal. I guess the teams who did them left the studio? Or they just got lucky?

      As for the TV version of Magic User’s Club, I need to rewatch it again, but I do remember it not having the same charm and kind of outstaying its welcome. But the finale episodes were easily some of the best the show had to offer.

  3. I decided to drop this show earlier today after watching this episode with my brother. He got sort of angry when I told him I thought this show had pathetic writing and terrible characters. He’s planning on finishing it like the shallow idiot he is.

    I just don’t find any of the characters likable outside of maybe Tatsumi. The weak “comedy” elements clash badly with the rest of the show and makes a lot of the more serious parts fall flat. This constant tonal shift is highly annoying and makes it difficult on how it should be looked at.