Anime Look: Air The Motion Picture

Short Summary: A homeless dude meets a young girl and the two fall in love. However, the girl is doomed due to a curse made many years ago and her mother tries to find a way to cure her despite the doctors not being able to do a thing.

Toei’s version of Air is a sort of like a lesser version of The Fountain in that it’s a love story centered on a girl that is doomed to die told through intertwining stories, one focused on present-day, one focused on the past, and none in the future unfortunately, and with a large toning down of the themes it wants to tackle unless there’s something beside “the sky” that I missed. Combine that with some interesting visuals and melodramatic characters who want to fight death, only to accept it in the end – it’s a Key adaptation so I don’t think that’s a spoiler – and you’ve got a decently crazy movie that’s obviously nowhere close to matching The Fountain.

I know some people found the quick changes in time periods distracting, but I found it to be a marketable improvement on KyoAni’s version where they split the thing into arcs that didn’t quite mesh. That might work well for the original VN, but in a visual medium, it looks contrived. And that’s another thing that this movie shares with The Fountain. Despite it being a doomed romance story in the end, it comes off kind of natural in the end. Emphasis on “kind of”, because the last five minutes feels kind of thrown in. But at least the main character (spoiler) didn’t turn into a crow in this one. Seriously, who thought that twist was a good idea?

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 7.13.46 AM

Kind of icked out by the romance between the two characters considering the age difference, but I guess that wasn’t too much of a problem in regards to Honey and Clover II, so – oh wait, yes it was. Also, isn’t the main dude homeless? There’s a moral in there somewhere.

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