Movie Look: The Fountain

Short Summary: As a doctor’s wife is on the verge of death, he hunts for a cure to her illness using the “Tree of Life”, which leads to three intertwining stories about love, death, and all sorts of different genres.

I had a hard time typing out that short summary because The Fountain is a really complex movie that you can’t encompass in just one sentence very easily. It’s three intertwining stories set in medieval times, present-day, and the future in space with each main character of said story being played by Hugh Jackman in order to establish that they’re distantly related. You remember how Millenium Actress cut to different time/movie periods with the same characters in order to embellish its story? You’re getting a similar thing here.

Strictly speaking, the movie is a simple tragedy story not too dissimilar to one of those cheesy faith films. However, the movie uses said story as a jumping off point for all kinds of pseudo-intellectual topics regarding science, religion, and such that I didn’t quite have a full grasp on and probably never will because I’m not into that sort of intelligent stuff. This movie has a bit of a massive hate-base because of how confusing it is and complaints that it’s pretentious and whatnot. I honestly don’t usually care if something is pretentious or not. All I ask is “how did the movie entertain me?”


The answer in regards to this film? By being fucking crazy up to the final revelation when Hugh Jackman…accepts that death happens(?). At least I think that’s what happened in the ending. Either way, it’s a love/hate it film – which is kind of typical of Darren Aronofsky really (holy shit, the Amazon reviews on Noah) – so watch it at your own risk.

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