Movie Look: Independence Day

Short Summary: A bunch of aliens come to Earth planning to destroy humanity two days before July 4. The American military is the planet’s only hope because the other militaries were conveniently not invaded (and if they were, it was off-screen). However, in order to save the world, the military needs the aid of humanity’s present-day Jesus: Jeff Goldblum

I’ll admit that as a kid, I kinda liked this movie. As an adult though, not only is it incredibly stupid, but it’s boring as hell. The characters are nothing but lazy American stereotypes, the aliens are unoriginal, the story has over a million plotholes, and there’s just nothing to it but humanity fighting off otherworldly creatures. Yeah, throw out as many explosions and spaceships and annoying flash transitions as you want, Roland Emmerich. Your movies are terrible and it doesn’t help that you keep trying to make the same film over and over ever since this thing grossed in money.

Also, I’m sorry, but it is against my beliefs that Jeff Goldblum can save humanity, let alone with a Macintosh virus. Next you’ll be telling me that Tyler Perry is a skilled martial artist.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.25.04 PM

Will Smith is cool though. Easily the only good part of the movie.

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