Summer 2014 First Impressions – Batch 2

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I didn’t do a count the number of times that red-haired girl called the main dude a pervert, but I’m pretty sure that joke was used more times in the first episode than in Fractale’s entire runtime. Dear lord was this bad. Not sure where I should start with this. The awful fanservice jokes? The terrible animation and characters? The shitty dialogue? The fact that despite a lot of time passing in one episode, nothing substantial happens besides a bunch of kids defeating a purse snatcher? Admittedly the fight scene resulting from that was decent, but otherwise: zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I see a bunch of people saying that this thing was acceptable because it was setting up for what was to come, but I respond with the counter-argument: what the fuck was it setting up? Please, enlighten me. Because first episodes are supposed to make you interested in what’s to come next, Rail Wars failed to do that for me, plus I’ve seen the LN covers for the future volumes and I’m not a fan of how they accentuate tits and ass. You really need those two to make it in this industry these days, don’t you? And I thought show business was bad.

Yeah, I’d rather watch cartoons for little girls. Speaking of which…

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Sailor Moon Crystal…what can I say? It was the exact same plot as the first episode of the original series. Usagi is a whiny normal girl who gets powers because she saves a cat. Tuxedo Mask is in it. This thing’s release schedule will make watching this a little awkward. I still will of course because I do like Sailor Moon and this was probably my favorite first episode after Sagabebu.

Transformation scene is weird and long though, even moreso than the original (and not just because it’s in terrible CG, although that didn’t help). Hopefully they don’t repeat it like Captain Earth repeats that godawful mecha transformation. Is that show still going on? I don’t hear about it anymore.

Welp, Sword Art Online comes out today. I’ll do a separate post on that.

2 responses to “Summer 2014 First Impressions – Batch 2

  1. I really hope Rail Wars is good, but the first episode is really disappointing. The show was fast as a bullet train. One month just disappeared in like half an episode….and the characters are pretty cardboard and cliche. meh..