Movie Look: The Ugly Truth

Summary: An uptight producer tries to fight off a sexist TV correspondent, whose segment is saving her show from being cancelled. They end up falling in love because the script says so.

I grew up with a bunch of friends whose taste in movies couldn’t be more different from mine if you tried. They really love romantic comedies/chick flicks. I usually can’t stand them, but I wasn’t vehemently opposed to them at the time, so I decided to join ’em when they watched this film on Netflix. I’m surprised I didn’t get up and leave like I did when they tried to show me Full Metal Jacket. This thing is just a poor man’s When Harry Met Sally, right down to the vibrating panty scene. Tell me you didn’t watch those ungodly unfunny few minutes and not think of this vastly funnier scene.

I’m surprised this movie was written by three women because none of them seem to portray their own gender right in this thing, let alone males. All the characters are stereotypes who would be single and/or divorced in reality right down to the female lead being a control freak and the male lead being a pig. They try to make Gerard Butler’s sexist character come off as sympathetic by establishing that he’s only an asshole on TV, but it’s done so poorly because even when he interacts with Katherine Heigl outside work, he acts like he’s Gary Freaking Brodsky. How this guy never got fired is a mystery to me.

Not funny. Not romantic. Not smart. And yet my friends laughed at it. I don’t get it.

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