Let’s Look At Some Movies, Shall We?

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With my blog entering its third year, it’s time to evolve the direction I want to take it in order to stay fresh. And that means evolving the non-anime side of Standing On My Neck, particularly the movie side since that’s my main hobby when I’m not indulging in Korean animation. Because let’s face it. I may be an anime fan, but unlike Draggle and Frog and some other people I follow on Twitter, I don’t care for the majority of what makes anime “anime” as my “anime I don’t like” list should indicate. I’ve always judged the stuff based on the same western standards I apply to movies and western shows with a few exceptions here and there because there are limitations that you have to accept from the medium if you want to like it. And whilst I haven’t outgrown anime or anything because that’d be like me growing out of action films – despite anime being much more niche – I don’t want to focus on aspects of anime that have been said before and the medium doesn’t evolve fast enough to say constant new things each year.

So yeah, it’s time to expand by starting on films. Expect a multitude of “movie looks” in the future, similar to when psgels reviewed a different anime each day back when he had the time and passion to watch so much of the stuff. I probably won’t go too in-depth about the medium itself for a while because I don’t like to examine movie culture nearly as much as I like to examine anime culture, and there are a ton more qualified sites who have already said that sort of stuff anyways. But I do want my readers to get more exposed to specific films and some aspects of film culture itself. Anime is great and all guys, but it’s not the end-all-to-all of entertainment.

Also, movie/anime/whatever looks are easy to write due to how short they are, and with reality creeping up on me more with each passing day, I don’t have as much time and energy to churn out long stuff the way I did back when I first started the blog.

As for my first movie to look at. Maybe Thief? I just saw it recently and damn was it awesome. Don’t think I’ll do Submarine. It’s a good film and all, but I’m not passionate about the type of coming-of-age story it tells. Ask Deadlight for that.

PS: I’ll continue to look at anime as well. It just won’t be as often. I’m also working on a different format for hentai. We’ll see how it goes.

PPS: For anime movies, I’ll probably relegate them to the anime section.

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