Getting Started With the Summer Season


So it turns out I’m not going to do anymore seasonal summaries in the vein of my last one. The whole thing just wasn’t working out for me. Also, I just got back from my Europe vacation, so I’m not in the mood to do something too involved. It’s totally not related to the fact that the only Spring show I enjoyed was Mushishi’s second season, although that didn’t help one jot.

I’m all ready to put that lackluster season behind me and get on with the new one. So what’s the first anime to come out?


You know, my Blu-ray copy of Ranma’s second season has just arrived in the mail.

PS: Okay, I sort of enjoyed Knights of Sidonia. Nowhere near a favorite of mine, but I will watch the sequel when it comes out.

PPS: I also watched the pre-air of Sabagebu. I kinda liked it. Narrator is obnoxious though.

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