Kanon (2006) v. Robotics;Notes

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Got bored one day. Wrote this. Fuck VN adaptations.


K: KyoAni produced it. It looks great obviously. Leads to some great snow and monster-fighting scenes.

R;N: Production IG produced it. They obviously put more effort into it than Psycho-Pass, which aired the same season, so it looks great. Unfortunately, it’s not used for anything stylish unless you count the terrible robot fight at the end.

Winner: Kanon


K: Boys are assholes. Girls are mentally retarded and trying too hard.

R;N: Boys are assholes. Girls are mentally retarded and trying too hard.

Winner: Tie

English Dub

K: Pretty amazing. Only reason I could finish the show.

R;N: Pretty amazing. One of the best modern dubs I’ve heard.

Winner: Tie


K: Pretty good. Key is as good at music as they are bad at writing. Applied appropriately.

R;N: Pretty good. Much better than Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head, both of which had terrible music. Applied appropriately.

Winner: Tie


K: Asshole picks on mentally retarded girls. Kind of funny when dubbed.

R;N: Asshole picks on mentally retarded girls. Didn’t watch enough of the dub to see if actual humor was added by it.

Winner: Would be Kanon, but I’ll give R;N the benefit of the doubt since I only watched a bit of it in English and hand out a Tie for this category.


K: Goes from having none to too much in the wrong places at regular intervals. Occasionally nails it right.

R;N: Didn’t even try to introduce tension or importance in any aspect of its story.

Winner: Kanon


K: Takes seven episodes to get out of boring prologue mode. Makoto’s arc drags too long. Pacing in other arcs is fine. Only one arc (Shiori’s) isn’t related to the main plot.

R;N: Takes eleven episodes to get out of boring prologue mode. Individual arcs are tensionless, rushed, and add fuck all to plot. Final arc is tensionless and drags.

Winner: Kanon

Attention Grab

K: See “Pacing” category. Wouldn’t have finished it if I watched it today.

R;N: See “Pacing” category. Only finished it because I said I would before it started. Would have dropped it on the first episode otherwise.

Winner: Kanon

Lasting Impact

K: Regardless of its quality, you cannot deny that Kanon is remembered for quite a few things, even if it’s been eight years since its release. The gifs of Akiho getting run over by a car. The “uguu” jokes. Even the 2002 version that no one even watched is remembered for its chins. Don’t see people remembering the jam though. Probably for the best.

R;N: Everyone chose to forget this shit within a month after its finale. The closest I can remember to someone quoting this thing was when someone tweeted “beat me at Kill Ballad” on Twitter sometime ago. Said tweet got no responses despite the tweeter having over a thousand followers. That shows just how forgettable a show Robotics;Notes ended up being.

Winner: Kanon

Bottom Line

K: Had a decent big picture. Terrible details. Mai’s arc would have been cool as a standalone OVA series. Graded a 5 on my MAL. Average series overall.

R;N: Pretty much everything bad about VN adaptations from the old days except with money put into it. Graded a 2 on my MAL. Aside from aesthetics, an absolutely worthless series.

Winner: Kanon

Overall Score

K: Six

R;N: Zero


Both anime are crap. But Kanon is less crap. Also, Chaos;Head >>> Robotics;Notes. Baka-Raptor explains why here.

3 responses to “Kanon (2006) v. Robotics;Notes

  1. Kanon is honnestly good at what it does. Sadly what it does is pure crap (that’s the description of 90% of the thing Kyo Ani does, actually).
    Clannad may be kinda better, but if it’s your kind of thing, you will have a good time.

    R;N… doesn’t have any focus at all. They just throw random “cool things”, and hope it’ll magically hold up together.
    It is made to please everyone, and end up disappointing everyone.
    If at least it was really awfully bad, but it manage to be blander than most random SoL.