Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Hey, you know that Edge of Tomorrow movie that just came out recently? That combination of Groundhog Day and anime-style military fighting what with the super-powered suits and Final Fantasy-sized swords? It’s pretty damn awesome. You guys should go watch it, especially if you’re a nerd.

I don’t care if you guys have a bias against Tom Cruise or whatever. In fact, what’s to hate about the main dude from Mission: Impossible? Okay, he’s been in crappy films like Oblivion and Vanilla Sky, but Will Smith has been in a ton of shit and people still love him, although I think After Earth damaged his reputation quite a bit. Yes, there’s probably some personal stuff that I’m not aware of, but as an actor, he’s fine.

What sold me most about the movie was that the time-looping thing was treated as a tool rather than “the” conflict like it was in Groundhog Day or Tatami Galaxy. Rather than wanting to break the eternal torment, Tom Cruise has to use it in order to win a major battle against a bunch of aliens. And just like said products, this movie goes into all sorts of interesting angles regarding the time loops before the finale where all the experiences come together for one last payoff. The actual ending might be typical Hollywood stuff, but everything else is good enough that I can overlook that flaw.

It’s Japanese light novel adaptations like this that should become more popular. Too bad the closest thing Hollywood would probably touch at this point is Mahouka. Just slap on the Atlus Shrugged directors and you’ve got your right-wing live-action movie.

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