This Blog Has Existed For Two Years And Shows No Signs of Retiring Like Others Do

So Standing On My Neck has existed for two years now. Looking back, it’s amazing how much I’ve grown in regards to this hobby of mine. Back when I started, I was pretty Internet-illiterate, not knowing a thing about Twitter and being afraid to interact with strangers online. I had only watched a handful of the “important” anime and a load of trashy pornos prior to writing, so I didn’t have the “elitist” mindset I apparently have now, still thinking Code Geass and Higurashi still held up even though they really haven’t. And my writing experience was limited to bad fiction and anime forums.

Time passed and I went from being a toddler in the anime world to being an old man to the point that when Captain Earth first came out and a bunch of people were excited about it at first, I spotted it to be a generic piece of crap early on and bailed early. Not sure if there was any real specific event that triggered said change, but it happened. There are a few drawbacks to this growth, most damning being that I’ve seen so many aspects of anime that nowadays I can’t get hyped for much anymore. I’ve never been the kind of guy who gets really excited for something, even when I think it’s a masterpiece; but these days, it’s just “eh, hopefully one show will impress me this season. Now let’s see what people are going nut about on Twitter? Really? That one?”. But there’s a lot of good things too.

I personally think I’ve gotten a lot better at writing and conveying my thoughts since I first started this thing. I’ve gotten a better handle on my taste and how it blends in with the communities I frequent – aka it doesn’t blend in that well (hehehe). I got to meet a bunch of my online colleagues in reality and find out they’re even worse losers and nerds than I thought they’d be. And that’s going to keep on happening as I continue to stay and write about stuff. Can’t guarantee anything in the future, but that’s part of the fun at the end of the day. If life was predictable, it’d be pretty damn boring, wouldn’t it?

Don’t really have anything too big planned for the blog as of now. I didn’t really have anything planned for this anniversary post in general. You know me. These things come and go. I’ll just continue to progress forward regarding my life and we’ll see what effects that’ll have on anything.

Since I can’t think of a good way to end this self-indulgence, why don’t I just show you guys my search terms over the last year?

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 10.29.10 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 10.29.36 AM

The Internet really loves dogs, don’t they? Maybe I should post some cat stuff on the blog and see how that goes.

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