Top Anime of 2000 Revision


Figured it was time to modify those top anime lists of mine. Thought I’d start on the ones that actually need revision, namely the year, 2000. I’ve watched a few more stuff from that year since then and whilst I don’t think it was a great year for anime on the whole, it still had some decent stuff that I’m glad I saw. With that said, whilst I was able to expand the list to a top ten this time, it’s kind of a weak one. The bottom two or three anime wouldn’t have made it if this was some other year, and only my top two come close to being favorites of mine. Also, a lot of stuff from said year impressed me through their style, as I discovered when I was trying to write descriptions for them. What actually happens in most of these anime aren’t really all that important. But whatever. They were still fun, nevertheless.

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