Season Previews Are Kind of Worthless, Aren’t They?


Summer is approaching. Blablabla. Summer usually sucks, but just like last year, it appears to be really packed. Everyone else is saying that. I’ll agree with them somewhat. Let’s get on with this…actually, let’s not.

The more I think about these sorts of season previews, the more I realize how pointless they are in the grand scheme of things. Because when I look at my favorites for each year, I think to myself “how many of the stuff on there was I actually expecting to like before they aired? And how many of those expectations actually benefited me?” I mean I was really hyped for Silver Spoon because the original source was written by the FMA author. And what did I get? A badly paced, woefully unfunny, snorefest. On the other hand – granted, I didn’t watch it the season it aired – I was expecting nothing out of Soremachi when I first read about it because it just looked like some typical cut girl maid stuff, and yet it ended up becoming my favorite Shaft show ever – only for everything else Shaft has done to suck afterwards. And do I need to explain Moyashimon Returns and Teekyu? Or Knights of Sidonia (the only new show this season that I’m watching)? Yeah.


Witchcraft Works itself was the final straw for me. When everyone bashed the show prior to its airing, and then it turned around and ended up being really good, I realized that the only real reason I dropped it in the first episode was because I was too biased going into it due to JC Staff, and magical girlfriends, and emphasizing those facts on my season previews for them, and all. Well no more. You know that next JC Staff magical girl anime written by the Yowapedal guy coming out next season? I’m going to give that a shot and I’m going to try to enjoy it despite not being given much reason to. I’m not going to bother checking out the manga. Aside from a quick look at the staff and synopsis and all, I refuse to paint those sorts of irrational biases that might get in the way of something I could enjoy. Not cool man. Not cool.

And it’s not like people really read season previews to get an idea of what to watch. I assume they can read a chart.


That’s not to say I’m not going to stop being hyped for anything. Yes, it can bite you in the ass, but when something does live up to the hype, it’s pretty damn great. Zankyou no Terror looks like it’ll be awesome based on the premise and stuff. From what I heard, Tokyo ESP is right up my alley. I always give Urobuchi shows a chance, so I’ll look at Aldnoah Zero. Everything else, we’ll just see. I’m not going to go into them expecting to like them, but that’s not exactly anything new with me, now is it?

Oh, and there’s Sailor Moon, but do I really have to describe Sailor Moon at this point?


And just like how I’m allowed to get hyped over anime, there will be stuff I don’t think I can even be assed to give a chance, bar some good word. Here’s the shortlist of summer things that fall into said category:

Sequels: Didn’t like the first installments of any of them. Space Dandy is not a sequel, so it doesn’t count. SAO is…um…complicated, and I’m not including the shorts.
Bakumatsu Rock: No way am I watching a “flamboyant past-era Japanese show”.
Kancolle: Don’t know a thing about this franchise and I’m not starting now.
Momokyun Sword: Obviously not.
Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen: XEBEC + mecha = Hell no!
Rokujouma no Shinryakusha?!: Shin Oonuma doing the same godawful LN adaptation shit he’s been doing for years? Yeah, moving on.
Love Stage!: I’m not a yaoi guy.
Hanamonogatari: You’ve been dead to me ever since Sasami-san@Ganbaranai, Shaft.
Ao Haru Ride: Shoujo romance isn’t my genre.
Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance: Ew.
Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita: I don’t like idol shows.
Shonen Hollywood: I don’t like idol shows, male or not.
Glasslip: Looks too much like PA Works’ other stuff.
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: Looks too much like every school romance in general.
DRAMAtical Murder: Eh.
Nobunaga Concerto: Hate Sengoku-era shows and Japan’s obsession with animating Nobunaga.
Himegoto: C’mooonnnnnnnn!
Persona 4 Golden: How many times is Seiji Kishi going to make the same video game adaptation? Anyways, this anime is the one in this category that I’m most likely to watch, but I’m pretty damn hesitant to for justifiable reasons.


I mean when you think about it, it’s not like Witchcraft was a complete surprise (it was directed by the Squid Girl guy). Plus, I don’t care if you get Steven Spielberg to direct the thing. There’s no way I’m going to like Himegoto when your premise is that retarded.


Short-wise, I really did not like Yami Shibai, so I have no intention of watching the second season. Didn’t finish Yama no Susume, but I don’t dislike it. Not sure if I’ll give the Strange+ sequel a chance, and I haven’t watched Ai Mai Mi as of this writing.


Oh, and here’s the movie/OVA releases (that aren’t crappy franchise stuff) between June and August that I could find:

The Wind Rises: 06/18/2014
Wild Adaptor – Zen: 06/25/2014
Tiger and Bunny: The Rising: 07/04/2014

Already saw both big movies in theatres, though I’m up for seeing the Tiger and Bunny film again if I ever get the chance. On the other hand, I haven’t even seen the first Wild Adaptor OVA. Has that thing been subbed yet?


This thing is practically a season preview by technicality, isn’t it? Well, whatever. I’ll still do previews on the seasonal podcast and other similar mediums. I might write something abut a new season in the future if I want to. But as for this traditional/snarky/whatever look that bloggers do every season, I’m just not having any fun riding on that bandwagon anymore, so it’s time I hopped off.

10 responses to “Season Previews Are Kind of Worthless, Aren’t They?

  1. directors are a better indication of a show’s potential for success than studios/writers/premises/etc.

    • And yet I can’t get into Ping Pong. Oh well.

      Edit: Well okay, I’ve warmed up to Ping Pong since then, but Patema Inverted is a total borefest.

  2. I guess the point with season previews is that… they are kind of fun? I dunno, this whole aniblogging business is pretty worthless if you want to look at it from that point of view. There’s this internet subculture of people who watches ANIMU and then a subculture of that subculture who spends time reviewing those ANIMU, mostly with purposefully sophisticated media analysis tools (them ELITISTS), or reading those reviews and arguing about them, enjoying them if they say what they already think or getting enraged if they don’t. So the whole point of the thing is… you do it if you like to do it (and, ok, if you make some kind of money out of it I guess. Someone probably does. Not much though, I’d say). In this grand scheme of things, season previews are sort of a tradition, and it’s basically all about playing the guess game (and sometimes about getting proven disastrously wrong). It’s not very productive or even intellectually honest if you look at it that way – you’re basically judging stuff without any sample of the actual stuff to work on. You could be dismissing a future masterpiece or hyping up a piece of crap. But hey, it’s not like it MATTERS that much in the end anyway.
    Plus, if you look at it another way, you’re not judging the work: you’re judging the way the work is being presented at the public. You’re judging promo art, PVs, official synopses, and so on. So if you say “this looks like a total piece of crap” and then it’s good, well, it means that the team who did the anime did a good job, but the team who did the promotion and advertisement failed, because they didn’t manage to convey the proper feeling of what that anime would be and didn’t cater to an audience that potentially could be interested. As critics, many bloggers feel compelled to give a shot at everything, if only for one episode. But viewers don’t work that way – you have to catch them immediately, or they have all rights to lose interest and go elsewhere. So when a promotional campaign doesn’t do that, it fails. And that’s what you are actually criticising in a Season Preview.

    • Holy wall of text, dude!

      As for your point, I agree with you. I don’t write season previews and I generally don’t take the ones I read super seriously, but The Cart Driver would probably be a much less funny place without them. God bless season previews.

      • The difference is that Scamp is still having fun with his season previews last I checked. Plus, I have no qualms with leaving sarcastic remarks on other people’s sarcastic season previews.

        But as for myself, I’m done with these things unless I feel the new season actually warrants pre-airing attention. And Fall has…Terraformers, a Type-Moon anime from ufotable, a KyoAni anime from the FMP guy, a White Fox adaptation of a popular manga, a new original anime by the Kanon guy, Parastye, a new Gundam, maybe a new Macross, maybe the new Durarara, maybe the new Legend of the Galactic Heroes…

        …I’ll be back. I’ve got to write something.

  3. Tomohisa Taguchi is apparently the new director for P4 Golden: The Animation. So, it may be a fair bit different from the first version. Whether that’s good or bad is another thing.

      • The main issue I have is why bother changing directors when you’re not really? The way it sounds makes it obvious Seiji is basically still the director, so I’m not sure why they didn’t just keep things that way.