Top 30 Greatest Movies

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I was originally going to settle for the movie list on that their ranking thing, but the more I thought about it, the more I really wanted to go into more detail regarding my favorite films of all-time. So I made a full-on top movie list. It was originally going to be top 20, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I really love films and it’d be a shame to see some of my all-time favorites get cut off just because I’m putting less entries than the usual top anime list – especially since I’m including anime films on this. So I expanded to said length. Thirty movies. Admittedly, the list is kind of rough now, but the top 10 is all but solidified barring future events that cause me to reconsider.

I’m also surprised at how almost none of the stuff I grew up with really stuck with me enough to put on this list. Okay, like with anime, I only watched films occasionally until starting the blog, and they were mostly shitty local stuff or the Disney Animated Canon. Empire was a part of my childhood obviously, but I don’t think I really appreciated the film until I entered my twenties. I didn’t even watch stuff like Pulp Fiction until college since the only exploitation I indulged in as a kid were pornos – and despite some of them being good, I haven’t really loved one to the point that it’d be an all-time favorite.

And it’s not like I’ve lost my love for all the stuff I watched as a kid. I still love To Kill a Mockingbird and The Lion KingThe Great Muppet Caper is still one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen and Raiders of the Lost Ark is fucking awesome despite the fact that I’m not really into Spielberg’s stuff. Hell, I loved Spaceballs as a kid and now that I’m older, the jokes have only gotten funnier. It’s not that unusual to cast aside gems from the past in order to make way for the new (look at my anime tastes back then compared to now in order to see what I mean. Actually, don’t. Those old posts are embarrassing). Just weird to do that for a medium that defined my childhood, that’s all.

Also, whilst I’ve seen a share of pre-80s films like Citizen KaneMetropolisHarvey, and such, the number I’ve seen pale in comparison to what comes out now. Hell, when I started on that top list project, I realized I hadn’t actually seen much before my time in general (I was born just as the 90s were getting started), which made constructing my top tens from the 80s kind of hard to do. I haven’t seen the original Manchurian Candidate. I haven’t seen any Shirley Temple or Marilyn Monroe films. Mickey Rooney was considered the biggest star in the world, and yet I haven’t seen any of his movies from that era. You know what I was watching instead? Reefer MadnessBlack Devil Doll from HellTurkish Rambo. Hell, I remember Turkish Rambo more than I remember any of the other Rambo films (haven’t seen a non-Expendables Stallone film in a long time).

There are also a few genres I haven’t touched like Bollywood stuff, and I’m kind of bad at keeping up with foreign films (especially when they’re not Asian), which shows in my favorites. That’s not a bad thing. Being a movie fan doesn’t require you to give everything a fair chance. But you can’t shake this lingering feeling that you’re missing out on a potential favorite laying somewhere in there that you’ll never see because you’re acting stubborn and stupid.

Anyways, a few films that didn’t get on include: PsychoSnatchHow To Train Your DragonThe City of Lost ChildrenHot Fuzz, and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Hope you enjoy reading about my faves and I’d like to hear what yours are too.

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