The Top Anime List Has Shrunk On This Glorious April Fool’s Day (For Now)

Updated that there top anime list last night. It’s now back to 50 anime. Why? Management problems mostly. As I was constructing my new top 100, I realized that A) I wanted to change the list as fast as possible because it seemed a bit outdated to me B) Whilst I love everything on my top 100, over the months since I’ve had it, I realized there’s a bit of a divide between the top 50 anime and my bottom 50. The top 50 are basically anime that really make me a fan whilst the bottom is more like extra incentive that keeps me a fan. Okay yes, there’s a bunch of stuff that I score a 9 in the bottom half, but details details.

So that’s the announcement. Let’s end on a few notes.

  • Anime that slid into the bottom 50: Turning Girls, Clannad: The Motion Picture, Haibane Renmei, Infinite Ryvius, Tokyo Godfathers, Le Maison en Petit Cubes (edit: Oh yeah, Genshiken also slid into the bottom half)
  • New top 50 additions: On Your Mark (yeah, finally decided to include it), Kemonozume(I think), Space Adventure Cobra and Ranma (which got the biggest jump)
  • Descriptions and most of the images are different. Decided they needed updating too.
  • Despite being half as long, the list is still split into ten pages with five anime on each page. Yeah, I’m that evil.
  • Nothing that came from last year got on the top 50. I didn’t score anything above an 8 (and if I did, they’re “now” 8s) from 2013. Objective proof that 2013 was one of the weaker years for anime.
  • The upcoming bottom 50 will be on a separate post and will not come right away, partly because I’m revisiting some old titles to see if they still hold up at the moment, and partly because these lists take a long-ass time to do.
  • That’s pretty much it. Happy April Fools Day guys.

5 responses to “The Top Anime List Has Shrunk On This Glorious April Fool’s Day (For Now)

  1. 2013 was deece, better than 2012 in any case: Kyousougiga, Aku no Hana, Saint Onii-san movie, Yamato 2199, Yuyushiki, Love Lab and tons of good shorts. Plus we’ll be getting Kaguya-hime soon enough.

    • 2012 had Hyouka, the new Lupin anime, and Jojo enter my top 50. Not to mention the new Evangelion film which confirmed just how awesome the franchise is. 2013 couldn’t come up with anything of that quality.

      So based on that, I’m going to have to disagree. I probably preferred 2012 to 2013.

      • Hyouka is amazing, yeah, but that Fujiko Mine anime? Nah. And the Eva rebuild films haven’t really been doing the original justice. Eva was great because it was a work from the heart, produced via limited animation on a small budget. A bloated CG mess like the remake films can’t compare with Mitsuo Iso sakuga and angsty teens talking over scratched film emulsion.

  2. @tamerlane – I totally agree with you. I absolutely don’t understand the praise the Rebuild films get. To me, they seem soulless, messy and yet still predictable in a completely dumb way. The original Evangelion has a sort of crazy brilliance that is completely missing from the movies, which just seem like crass attempt to cash in.

    As for Fujiko Mine, I like it quite a bit, but wouldn’t put it on my personal list of top favorites, especially since I enjoyed the same director’s Michiko to Hatchin even more. I actually think she’s one of the best young anime directors around…

    • I dunno. You’d have to be crazy brilliant to have EoE happen halfway through your series, and then give a giant middle finger to the “reset button” ending in general.