Anime Grab Bag #17

Don’t feel like talking about the currently airing anime this week – although I am LAUGHING at how people I know aren’t enjoying Golden Time. Ignoring Toradora, you have to stoop pretty low to get my friend who loves Anohana and Kokoro Connect and After Story to call that series a pile of trash. I haven’t kept up with the series myself, but the reaction makes it seem like it’s even worse than the first Little Busters, which at least got some positive reaction near the end. But I digress. Let’s get into some movies today.


Saw Need For Speed this week, partly because it looked like it’d be a fun video gamey Fast and Furious type of movie, and partly because the only other option was to watch the new Tyler Perry movie. And let me tell you right now, there are few directors whose works are just plain unwatchable as Tyler Perry’s. Unfortunately, it ended up being the first awful movie I’ve seen this year. I’ve seen a lot of mediocre tripe this year (PompeiiMr. Peabody and ShermanNon-Stop, etc.), but there was still a few things I enjoyed about ’em. Need for Speed? That pile of shit was basically a video-game wanking anime turned into a live-action movie, and you shouldn’t go see it.

Rather than be a fun carsploitation film, the whole thing supports being a douchebag video game racer in all the wrong ways. Aaron Paul’s character comes off like some deranged serial killer in his quest for revenge against his friend, except the film wants us to support him (oh hi there Kirito). And unlike stuff like SAO or the upcoming No Game No Life, it’s not even good on a visual level. I was hoping the car scenes would be a trippy feast for the eyes, but they were incredibly underwhelming with the only positive thing I can say about them being that they weren’t incomprehensible that I couldn’t follow them.

Should have gone to see the 300 sequel instead.


The other movie I saw was the second Tiger and Bunny movie. For those who don’t know, it’s not a recap like the first film, but an actual sequel to the original TV series. And as of this moment of writing, not only is it my favorite anime of the year, it’s also my favorite movie of the year. I obviously can’t spoil much since not many of you guys have seen it, but basically, it doesn’t so much continue the main story ala the newest Madoka movie, so much as expands on it. We get some new insights into the characters, we get new looks on how to be a hero, and we also get some kickass fight scenes to boot. The directing is also more dynamic than I remember (yes I know it’s a different director who did the movies), even if the animation was the same as the show’s.


We even get a new hero with Golden Ryan, who surprised me because I was expecting him to be one thing, but he turned out to be something else entirely. Way to play with my expectations, movie.

I’ve heard that this film was supposed to serve as the planned sequel to the series. I don’t really mind too much since it left me wanting more (in a good way) and I prefer movies to shows. Still, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. Hopefully we’ll get more Tiger and Bunny in the future.


Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 6.38.18 AM

Finally, there’s the new CG Captain Harlock movie. Uh, I haven’t seen it yet. Be right back.

One response to “Anime Grab Bag #17

  1. I can’t see how could anyone tolerate Golden Time. It has the biggest amount of shitty, annoying characters compared to most anime I have watched. Yup, because all the characters in it are annoying me to no end. Kaga Koko, the dirty bitch who’s crazy for boyfriend. Tada Banri, the indecisive asshole. Linda, the bitch with uncertain personality / behavior. And more!