Let’s Talk About the Spring 2014 Season

New season to look forward to. Yay?


Well I have to be honest. After watching so much stuff, it’s hard to get hyped for anything all that new. Lately, I’ve been realizing that I’m more likely to be surprised by something I didn’t anticipate a season than to be hyped for something and have that hype lived up too. Coupled with the fact that my last few season previews have been pretty thankless (some even hating me for reasons I’m not going to reveal here) and the fact that my colleagues do the whole “professional” season preview thing better than me, and I just decided to do the good old “just briefly talk about what catches your eye and ignore the stuff you have nothing interesting to say about at first glance” approach to the season.

So here’s the chart link that I’m using. Let’s look at what’s catching my eye. Of course I’m watching the sequels to Mushishi and Jojo, but it’s not exactly fun to anticipate a sequel to something you like unless there’s some sort of director change in the same vein as when the Crank guys took over for the second Ghost Rider movie and made it a thousand times better than the first one. From what I read up, the team is the same, so there’s nothing much else to say other than I’m anticipating them.



So, onto the new series then. I’ve got to be honest, there are only two things that I can summon up some real hype for. One of them is Mekaku City Actors. I like the style that I saw in the PVs. I liked what I glanced from the manga, though I don’t know if the anime will follow its story. The premise is admittedly kind of iffy, but from what I can tell, it’s more Summer Wars than Sword Art Online. I remember barfing when I read the back of the Summer Wars box and ended up really enjoying how it was a remake of Digimon: The Movie. Now admittedly, a lot of this is word of mouth and limited reading, which did screw me over when I saw SAO and all. Still, it looks far better than anything Shaft has ever produced in the last few years, and that’s enough of a reason to check it out.


And then there’s wixoss, which is an original work and kind of looks like some quantum mechanics/game anime as written by Mari “Mindfuck” Okada and starring a bunch of cute girls as the protagonists. I kind of like how the PVs aren’t giving me much information to go on besides a bunch of cryptic images. It’s basically “anticipation of the unknown” hype right there.

Everything else, nope. Can’t summon up much enthusiasm for them.



Okay, there’s that Ping-Pong thing that Yuasa is doing, but I feel like it’s cheating to get excited for something that I wouldn’t pay much attention to if it wasn’t from one of my favorite anime directors. Especially since everything I heard about its good points sound like something that doesn’t do much for me. You know, the “charm” between the males and all that. Being by the writer of Tekkonkinkreet doesn’t do much for me because apparently the movie diverged from the original manga in several points and I never read said manga.

So whilst I am excited for his take on the thing, I’m not much for the content. And of course, I don’t give a crap about the noitamina logo it’s put in because I’ve come to realize over the last year that even before it “went to shit”, the anime from there don’t always impress (Trapeze? Princess Jellyfish? The fucking Honey and Clover sequel? Yuck).

Still it looks better than that other noitamina anime, which will definitely be crap because A) only one good noitamina show airs a season at most B) LN adaptation + adventure series in noitamina = DOOM! Well, it could be good. But I have severe doubts.


EarthThere’s those two Bones series I guess. One of them is apparently a return to the classic mecha adventure, but it’s being directed by the Star Driver guy. That show was the epitome of style over substance and it bored me to the point that I dropped it in the third episode. And of course, I’ve never cared much for the robot genre. Kid discovers his destiny is to pilot a robot and save the world and grows up as a result? It’s not a bad premise or anything, but I don’t see why I should be excited for it. As for the other Bones show, all I know is that it’s by the Scrapped Princess guy. Unfortunately, I never saw the series, so I can’t really say much besides I don’t do fantasy.

Oh yeah, Bones is also doing a Soul Eater Not! adaptation. The less I say about that, the better.


Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 11.41.00 AM

I definitely know that that Mahoutousei thing will be popular. I usually would just ignore it, but Witchcraft Works has recently opened my mind to stuff that sounds “generic on paper”. Yeah, the brother/sister incest thing is pretty obvious and I didn’t like what I read of the manga (and most light novels fans aren’t happy about it either), but from what I do remember, it wasn’t shoved in your face and was actually played more interestingly than other similar anime, even if that’s a really low bar. I don’t remember if it was done as well as Witchcraft and I doubt it’ll be nearly as good because whilst that anime had other interesting things to it, Mahoutousei looks like it’ll be surrounded by generic magical school garbage. That’ll get popular. Oh well, it’ll at least be better than Madhouse’s other anime about neets.


Other than that? I guess that Black Bullet thing looks like cool shonen action mixed with government conspiracy shit, even with the female partner gimmick. Sidonia is being hyped by a few people and the synopsis looks interesting, but the thing is CG-animated, and it’s so incompetently done that it burns my eyes to watch it. Akuma no Riddle…yeah I don’t have much faith in that. And then there’s Isshukan Friends, which doesn’t really look like my kind of anime. Seems to be one of those non-comedic dramas I don’t care for on the level of Usagi Drop or that recently popular Koe no Katachi manga.


Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 11.55.43 AM

Wait, I almost forgot. Just recently, it was announced that a revival of that 90s Kindaichi Case Files show would be airing this season as well. Not interested in tackling the original super-long series and if this revival is in the same vein, I don’t think it will stick with me. But I do like anime revivals, so to hype me up for this, I’ll be checking out the 1996 movie sometime just to get a taste of what’s in store.


Well, we’ll see what really happens when these shows come out. I won’t be checking out every show of course unless I hear some good opinions about them (like the Gainax magical girl thing), but the season looks like it’ll be alright at least. Only shows I see that make me want to barf at first glance is White Fox’s thing about the bunny girls drinking coffee and the Madhouse show with neets I mentioned earlier. That’s a good sign.



Guess I should end the post by talking about the movies. First off, here are the DVD release dates that I managed to find:

Anohana: The Movie: 03/05/2014
Happiness Precure Movie: 03/19/2014
Neppu Kairuku Bushi Road (Full Version…I think): 03/26/2014
Madoka Magica Rebellion: 04/02/2014
Patema Inverted: 04/25/2014
Persona 3- Spring of Birth: 05/14/2014

The third Madoka movie comes out in April, but I already saw it and wasn’t that impressed with it, so I’m not watching it again. I think all my previous love for that franchise is effectively dead as of now. Still, I think it’s something that all Madoka fans should see at least once. Not so much into Anohana, but I’m curious about the movie version, so I might see that.

That Patema Inverted film that’s been hyped up since those previews that got released in 2012 (and even before that really) is coming out in April as well and I’m definitely looking forward to it. No idea if it’ll be good, but Patema will at least be interesting in terms of visuals and choreography. And apparently it’s an upgrade of the “okay, but not all that” Pale Cocoon OVA that came out back in 2006. I really liked those prologue things that came out in 2012 (although they looked more like the movie’s entire beginning), so that’s worth a watch.

Finally, there’s the Persona 3 movie. I heard from some people who looked at it that it’s at least better directed than the previous SMT adaptations, so I’m all for looking at that too. Not much else to say really.


Well, that’s about it for this season preview. No idea how to conclude this post, so I’m going to be lazy and end with another naked picture.


5 responses to “Let’s Talk About the Spring 2014 Season

  1. Hmm… not sure what makes you think that most novel readers of Mahouka are unhappy with the Manga. The general consensus is that the manga conversion for the Enrollment arc is pretty good (even though this first arc is not among the strongest itself), and that the 9-school-tournament is great. Maybe you’re confusing it with the manga conversion of the Yokohama arc? (which has very poor artwork)

    I’m genuinely baffled that you seemed to like Witchcraft – a show which even though I generally like magic shows managed to push me off following the manga in merely 5 chapters. Never expected that. Would you mind telling me what you liked about the anime? Maybe I should give it a chance.

    • Actually, my comment was saying that most people who like light novels in general don’t really like Mahouka. (Edit: No idea where I got that information from either considering it’s one of the most popular LNs out there. Must have coincidentally looked at the wrong side of the Internet when I was reading fan reactions and didn’t bother to expand my search) I dunno what the fans who do think of the manga.

      I’ll write about Witchcraft after it ends. Need to see where it’s going first.

      • Mahouka is very highly centered on exposition. And animes tend to do very badly at converting exposition in textual form to screen, especially when LNs are involved. Especially when there’s the Imouto Incest and Harem Antic and Highschool Generic inanity fanservice button that’s lying there, begging to be pressed, even if it’s at the expense of world-building and plot.

        Well, at least it would probably be the hottest firestorm in animedom this Spring, by all indications.

  2. There there. Here’s another comment.

    By the way, I think I’ll keep an eye out for Captain Earth. I got wind of some of the people behind Utena working on it, which makes me curious. But then again, I dropped Star Driver as well, so if it ends up being too much like that, it’s not going to last.