Anime Grab Bag #13

I finally got to seeing the extended trailer for the new Spiderman movie last night. My god, that looks horrendous. If you guys thought the first movie was bad…well, it still is, but this looks like it’s going to be the Korra S2 to Korra S1. Excuse me whilst I vomit.

Yeah, not a great introduction to what’s supposed to be an “anime” grab bag, but hey.


Whilst I loved Kill la Kill’s sports festival thing this week, I have to be honest and admit I had more fun with the one in this week’s Hoozuki. The dry morbidity regarding how Hoozuki just doesn’t give a fuck about causing pain to Hell’s inhabitants. It just never stops being funny. You guys know how much I love seeing characters in agony and that show does it with a lot of style and variety without succumbing to the cheap monkey shots that qualify as slapstick in anime these days. Plus, the punchline at the end just made everything that transpired even funnier.


Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 8.40.01 AM

I’m convinced that the girls in D-Frag are the students of Prince Baka from Level E. Every time the main dude thinks he has them cornered, they always do something so braindead stupid and trollish that I can’t help but laugh at the absurdity, especially when that absurdity actually works. And they do it so constantly that it wears me out. But it does it in a good way. In a way that keeps me interested rather than the “repeat same unfunny joke again and again until it works” like those fucking Smurf movies where if you played a drinking game anytime someone made a Smurf joke, you’d be dead within the first two minutes.


So I saw that Break Blade, Soul Eater Not!, and a Gonzo video game adaptation got added to the upcoming Spring anime chart. Here’s my reaction to the news.



Saw the Lego Movie this weekend, along with Vampire Academy. You can hear my full thoughts on this vlog.


Nobody died in this week’s Space Dandy (although I guess you could pretend that QT didn’t make it out in time, the little jerk), but oh my god that insert-music “Surf Dandy” segment was so awesome and hilarious that I just don’t give a fuck. The rest of the episode was more on the surreal side of the humor spectrum in the same vein as a Pendleton Ward cartoon, so I was more interested in the strangeness rather than laughing out loud at Vests vs. Undies. But that ending. Oh that beautiful ending. Might surpass the blatant shout-out to George Romero two weeks ago.


I still don’t get why people like Nisekoi so much. It does nothing you haven’t seen in any other anime ever made. Hell, it was old when they did it. And considering the reaction to my complaints regarding the show last night when I found out it was adapting those fucking awful swimming pool chapters that caused me to drop the manga right then and there, apparently a bunch of people agree with me.

But of course, the many supporters on various forums (and the few on my TL) seem to think “no, it’s executed well enough so that it’s fresh and funny.” Seriously? Where?!


Archer aka “the best anime of the season” being delayed for three weeks due to the Olympics leaves me in despair.

4 responses to “Anime Grab Bag #13

  1. Is that supposed to be… Electro? Who told them featuring ELECTRO as a main villain was a good idea?

    (Also the rest is awful as well. First they burn out all the good enemies that make sense in the first trilogy, then they do a reboot trying to AVOID those enemies. Someone tell them that if Nolan had reasoned this way, we would have had Heath Ledger playing Mr. Scarface instead of the Joker. And that was freakin’ Jack Nicholson they had to compare against)

    • It’s Electro AND Rhino (you don’t see his face, but he’s in the movie) although I think Electro is the main bad guy. Still, I like him as a main villain. Sick of Green Goblin Number Whatever and he worked well in that old PS1 game as the final boss.

      • I guess they could have fallen lower. They could have picked the Vulture.

        But yeah, I mostly don’t like the way he’s represented, and can’t see him as a main villain – I mean, he’s basically just an ordinary robber who happens to have superpower. The trailer anyway looks stupid for a whole host of other reasons.

  2. While the manga is readable, since it takes only 3 minutes of my life every week, I can’t imagine why would somebody like the anime. Being WSJ’s love comedy manga, all it does is recycling various tropes, which have been done to death.