I Was Invited to The ABC Awards


New blogging carnival thing. Cara linked me to it and I went, why not? So let’s get to it.

Rules are simple enough:

1. Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance post.
2. Nominate a few fellow bloggers and share the award.
3. Since the award is ABC, take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself.

Okay then, let’s do this.

A- Aspergers

I was diagnosed with Aspergers around three years ago. I try not to use that as an excuse for why I act stupid at times, but the things I say and look back on are just embarassing. Of course, that could just be me being stupid. Hard to tell really.

B- Blue/Black

If you can’t tell what my favorite colors are based on the blog layout, you’re blind.

C- Cartoons

I love them obviously. I prefer cartoons to live-action stuff because I prefer the advantages the former medium brings. Can you imagine the Animaniacs in live-action? Didn’t think so.

D- Daria

Best TV show I’ve ever seen. The name of this blog itself comes from the theme song. I should really get to rewatching it sometime.

E- Eh

My typical reaction to most “surprising” news. Because in a world where anything can happen, nothing is all that surprising.

F- Fuck

Favorite curse word. Short, simple, and to the point.

G- Gmail

Not my only email account, but it’s the one I use the most. Have separate accounts for my real life and my internet life.

H- Hat

Love wearing them. I currently wear a black fedora whenever I go out. I know a bunch of people say that style has been ruined by pop culture or whatever. I don’t care. I think I look great in it. Certainly much better than when I wore that brown Indiana Jones-like fedora in college.


I- Ice Cream

It’s motherfucking ice cream. Even on a cold day, it’s awesome.

J- Jogging

My default daily exercise. Not much else to say.

K- Karaoke

I like to sing at karaoke bars, even if my singing is quite crap.

M- Mistakes

The number of them that I’ve made probably rivals Lelouch’s count. My face probably looks like his too whenever either of us go “oh shit, I screwed up”.

CODE GEASS R2 - 25 - Large 28

N- Nicholas Cage

Whilst his movies aren’t often very good, I cannot deny the awesomeness that is “The Cage”. Whenever an anime gets the “yelling as humor” wrong, I point to him and go “don’t try to copy this man. He’s one of a kind.”

O- Oh Crap/Shit

Default reaction to whenever I make a mistake.

P- Pikachu

Always accompanying me everywhere, aren’t you buddy? Pika pika.

Q- Quentin Tarantino

Probably my favorite movie director in existence. I’ve thoroughly loved every movie Tarantino has ever directed (and at least liked every movie he ever wrote). He plays into my love of pop culture and exploitation extremely well. Plus, the man will always have my respect for taking the WWII genre and showing the horrors of war without having to be restrained by that bullshit “WWII should not be touched” crap. The war ending because of fictional revenge can be just as powerful as any Anne Frank movie.

R- Rum Raisin

Am I the only one who thinks this is an awesome ice cream flavor?

S- Stuffed Animals

Love them. My brother collected them as a hobby and I always loved to hug and play with them. I own only a few at the moment and am not interested in collecting more, but let’s just say part of my love for Totoro and Winnie the Pooh is because of how huggable they are.


T- Takashi Miike

My love for Miike almost equals my love for Tarantino. I haven’t seen anything from him I haven’t liked, but he doesn’t hit as often (probably because he makes so many movies at a time). Still, I just love how much range the guy has, from family films to ultraviolence to video game adaptations.

U- Urusei Yatsura

Let’s put weird and weird together and make it even weirder!

V- Violence

Most of my favorite fiction have someone getting beaten up and/or shot.

W- Watermelon

It’s about as good as any other thing I could have put on here.


X- X

Attach the letter as a suffix to anything and it’ll almost always look cool, even if it’s not actually cool (Megaman XJason XFlawfinder X…oh wait)

Y- Yotsuba

My favorite manga series. It manages to address the wonders of life without being depressing or pointless. Enough said.

Z- Zero

Coolest number ever.


This time I’ll nominate some blogs I know since I’m not restricted to a number. How about…?

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4 responses to “I Was Invited to The ABC Awards

  1. I, too, have Aspergers. Save for the extreme cases, people with Aspergers are largely the same as most people. Most people don’t really seem to get that. I mean, besides the bluntness, trouble with empathy, and difficulty dealing with subtleties.

    As for the “embarrassing comment” thing: You are not alone. I say/do plenty of things that, when looking back, make me pretty embarrassed. I once told a girl I liked that she had a light mustache. In front of my classmates. Yay, social awkwardness.