Ranking The Anime Season Based on Two Episodes

Well now that two episodes have passed (aside from Inari Konkon and Wizard Barristers, but their first episodes couldn’t interest me enough to bother checking out more), let’s judge this season shall we? Should point out that I haven’t found anything that’s instantly making me go “yeah, this is why I love anime” the same way Kill la Kill did (and for all its faults, even Flamenco is entertaining me more than anything this season as of now), but there’s tons of stuff with potential mixed in with the bland crap.

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No shorts, although I will say my favorite short is Seki-kun. Series are ranked from worst to best. (Edit: Moved Zvesda up, because I mostly finished this post before I saw the 2nd episode and forgot to bump it when I found it a big improvement on the first).

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14. Nourin

Oh my god, what the fuck is Shin Oonuma doing? You remember how he referenced a bunch of stuff like Air Master and Whisper of the Heart in Watamote? Well he’s doing the same thing here, except without the “otaku shut-in” context inherent to the premise that somewhat excused the whole thing. And it doesn’t just apply to his shitty referencing. He’s literally throwing every single one of his old Shaft-ripoff tricks, as well as every otaku-pandering trope in the book on screen, hoping that something will stick, without any regards to the actual substance. And to make it worse, none of it does! Nothing works at all!

Why does this guy still have a career? Answer me!

13. Nobunaga the Fool

The only thing keeping Nobunaga the Fool from last place is that its second episode wasn’t as bad as Nourin’s. Still, this is one of the worst anime I’ve seen this season for largely the same reasons. It thinks it’s being flamboyant and grand, but it feels like watching some middle schooler’s bad fanfiction play out on screen with clunky exposition, lame attempts at humor, nothing happening plot-wise, and way too much stuff being thrown at the audience hoping something will stick. Why I gave it a second chance, I have no idea. At least with Nourin, I was just bored with nothing to do at work, whilst Nobunaga airs on a Sunday.

This is the same team who did Basquash, right? That explains a bunch. Basquash fucking sucked.

12. Nisekoi

Am I the only one who’s getting OreImo (without the incest) vibes from this thing? Fucking Claris song. And whilst we’re at, fuck this show. It’s so bland without a single original idea. There’s no energy being put into anything and I just feel sleepy watching it. I can understand what’s going on because the plot is so simple and the artwork is pretty, but that’s literally all this show has going for it.

Mekaku City Actors better not suck, Shaft. And while we’re calling out studios, that KyoAni thing done by the FMP guy (aka the guy who’s behind the only stuff I like from the studio) better not suck either.

11. Hamatora: The Animation

I forget what happens in an episode as soon as I finish it. Think that says enough.

10. A Pilot’s Love Song

The perfect definition of an “acceptable” anime. Basically Harry Potter meets Last Exile, with the former unfortunately weighing down the latter too much for my taste whilst forgetting to include some of the stuff I liked about Potter in addition. It’s watchable, but at the same time, I don’t see much reason to continue with it.

Noragami - 02 - Large 28

9. Noragami

Everything I said about Nisekoi applies to Noragami as well, with the only difference being that it gives me Soul Eater vibes rather than OreImo ones and it gets in a funny joke every once in a while. It looks nice and the style is cool, but everything else about it ticks me off. The story is bland shonen crap. The characters are obnoxious shonen stereotypes. There’s just nothing of substance for me to grab onto and I can’t get into it.

8. Silver Spoon

I love the new OP and the comedic direction is better, but at this point, I’ve gotten tired of Silver Spoon and how it just shows farm life without making anything all that consequential happen. There’s just not enough laughs or drama or any sort of weight applied to the farming side of things to keep me invested, and it’s just another slice-of-life show in the midst of a bunch of other cartoons that are delivering far better in regards to what I want from it.

7. Witchcraft Works

This show is just stupid enough to have my attention. It has a bunch of girls, but it hasn’t gone all harem-like like I thought it would. The main dude sucks, but…well okay he’s generic as hell, and there’s no defense for that. It has a good comedic director whose timing is causing me to laugh at jokes that would normally make me face-palm. It has robot bunnies. Ending theme is hilarious. I don’t mind watching it but I’m preparing to bail at any time.

6. D-Frag!

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that I ended up liking this show. It’s got a charm to the whole “multiple girls/one guy” formula that I wasn’t expecting. The girls are more the insane ones in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei rather than the fetish-y LN stereotypes I was fearing. The main dude isn’t really much more than serviceable at the moment, but he acts as a good vehicle for the mayhem to commence.

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 9.06.38 AM

5. Nobunagun

Pretty much an inferior Jojo, but that hasn’t stopped it from being pretty damn cool. Unlike Noragami, it plays on the shonen formula in different ways, reminiscent of an 80s/90s OVA. Plus, I really like how the secret organization that’s fighting all the monsters is revealed to the world this early into the story. It has a few typical shonen clichés (next week looks like a training episode) and the color direction is kind of crap at times, but the insanity of the entire mess is more than enough to make up for that.

4. Hoozuki no Reitetsu

Shocked that I started liking this too after not being impressed with the first episode. But after rewatching Soremachi, I got a hold of its type of humor during a rewatch of the first episode, as well as during its second one. It’s a slice-of-life comedy that’s based more on wordplay and situations rather than the insane Looney Tunes-like humor I prefer in my cartoons. There’s no plot and I’m not fond of the spiritual side of Japanese things (hence why it’s not #1 or #2 on this list), but I’m appreciating the dry dark humor more as of now. Plus, Satan getting scared of Japanese hell and praying for God to save him because Hoozuki got him mixed up with Santa? Hilarious.

3. Space Dandy

It hasn’t achieved the “AWESOME” status I was hoping for as of yet, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the hell out of Space Dandy. It’s basically a Cartoon Network show (particularly Johnny Bravo) made by Japan and that’s pretty damn cool in the same way I thought Panty and Stocking was cool. It doesn’t constantly give out gags, but the ones it attempts usually work for me. The underlying stories help to keep the show interesting when it’s not making me laugh. Also glad that the show is a ratings hit on Adult Swim.

2. World Conquest Zvesda Plot

It’s a show about taking otaku-pandering anime cliches and relating them to world conquer. The cliches are played a little too straight at times, but for the most part, this anime is spinning its recycled elements in ways I find interesting and hilarious at the same time. Hopefully World Conquest is able to improve on this as time goes on.


1. Archer

What? Archer doesn’t count because it’s an animated sitcom on FX? Well fuck you guys. Archer is double the anime that your favorite will ever be.

Let’s close this thing with some random snippets, shall we?

A Town Where You Rage is finally ending huh? Could have sworn it ended more than three years ago, but what do I know?

– I saw Her last week. It was decent, but that whole “man loves machine” thing isn’t something I haven’t seen before so I didn’t fall in love with it like everyone else. Where the Wild Things Are and its tackling of the “loss of childhood” still remains my favorite Spike Jonze movie.

– Finally got to pre-ordering the first season of Ranma on Blu-ray. It apparently comes with an info book of some kind so I’m looking forward to reading that. But of course, I’m just looking forward to seeing Ranma again. Aside from my foray into those OVAs and some random episodes a while back, I haven’t seen the series since high school. I doubt it’ll be as great as I remember (I never liked its serious side and it suffered from a bunch of production problems during its run), but I want to own a Rumiko Takahashi series other than those three seasons of Inuyasha I leave at my parents’ house now.

– Saw the dubbed version of Eva 3.0 in theatres recently. Liked it more that go around. And I already loved the movie back when I first saw it.

– So Masaaki Yuasa’s new thing isn’t a table tennis version of Shaolin Soccer? Or at least a remake of that Ping-Pong anime from the 90s? Lame.

– Nicholas Cage is playing the main character in a Richard Kelly movie? Super hyped.

– Of all the unnecessary sequels to make, a new Black Butler has got to be the worst. The first one wasn’t enough for you?

– Tried Brother Dear Brother for an Internet group watch. Couldn’t get into it. I kind feel sad that Clannad: The Motion Picture is the only thing I’ve seen of Osamu Dezaki that I’ve really enjoyed. Maybe I should give Space Adventure Cobra a try, but I could never fully get into either of the revivals. Probably because hearing the kind of show it is in Japanese weirds me out. Kind of like listening to Space Dandy in Japanese.

– Durarara SH? That’s the name you’re going for, Narita? Whatever you say dude.

5 responses to “Ranking The Anime Season Based on Two Episodes

  1. Agreed on Witch Craft Works. The director actually understands comedic timing, and its unabashed stupidity makes it much more entertaining to me than something like Nisekoi or Noragami, both of which are just pretty genre shells at this point.

    • What’s selling me on Witchcraft right now is the idea that Kagari is just as untrustworthy as the witches who want the kid and she seems to be hiding something. It’s basically not the pure aimless JC Staff comedy I was expecting and the animation is pretty damn good too. Of course, the future episodes might screw me on that, but a bunch of people who read the manga informed me otherwise, so who knows?

      Also, looking at this list more closely, I should have ranked World Conquest at #2. That second episode was great. Hope you enjoy it.

  2. It feels strangely liberating to just not be watching any current season anime and just take things at my own pace. I’d been kind of looking forward to Imocho, but when it finally aired, I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it. It looked more pathetic and disgusting than endearingly stupid. I did watch the first episode of Space Dandy, though, and snippets of the first episode of Nisekoi. These were both solidly made premieres, but I doubt any of these shows, except for Space Dandy, will even be brought up when the season is over, and the thought of that makes me feel kind of tired. Reading these blog impressions has only reinforced that opinion of mine.

    I think I’ll get around to following the current season again in spring, but for now I’ll just take my time and watch the shows on your top anime list. I feel as if I need to broaden my horizons as a fan.

    • Yeah, it can be interesting, to watch seasons exactly one year after the fact, and only watching the shows people still bring up. You can even watch them weekly, on the day they aired (Sunday, Monday, etc.), to give yourself that “Weekly anime show” feeling :3

      • Heyyy, that’s not a bad idea! Would certainly change things up! I only ever watch older anime in large chunks at a time and never on a weekly basis. I’ve been kind of wondering how it feels to replicate the weekly schedule, but I’ve always been too lazy to try it. Guess I’ll try it this season and come up with my ultimate anime season!