Twelve Days of Anime #2 (Good): Shinji Fucks Up Again

You know the main reason why I love the new Eva movie, as well as Evangelion in general? Because watching Shinji getting tortured brings me so much joy. And man does the (Redo) movie shit on him in one of the most fun ways ever.


I’ve written about the movie before so I won’t elaborate too much. But yeah, whilst Kaworu’s head exploding was cool too, seeing Shinji trying his best to fix the mistakes he caused in the second movie, only to make them worse is rainbows and sunshine to me. Watching the dude ruin himself no matter what he tries is the true draw of Evangelion and everything else is just flavoring to get to that awesome moment. Now he’s just a nearly comatose dude who needs girls dragging him around just to take any sort of action whatsoever. Beautiful.


Bring on the final movie, Anno!

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