Twelve Days of Anime #6 (Good): Hana Ga Saita Yo!

Best ending theme song of the year!

This one is a little redundant as of this point because a bunch of people put this on their twelve days by now (including Bokusatchii and Gedata, the fuckers), so I’m going to keep this brief. I LOVE this ending theme song. I haven’t love an anime song like this in a long time (although the Free! ending is cool and I liked the cheesiness of Tempest’s and Psycho-Pass’s second openings) and every time it played during the show, I’d either get goosebumps or go “aw, the episode is already over?”

This song made the show and it’s probably the main reason Flowers is still one of my favorite shows of the year despite how badly it ended.

One response to “Twelve Days of Anime #6 (Good): Hana Ga Saita Yo!

  1. Nah man, fuck this song. I tend to watch anime really late at night, and the first time I heard this, I had a mini heart attack. Though the creepy-ness does lend itself well to Flowers of Evil as a whole.