Twelve Days of Anime #6 (Bad): Galilei Donna’s Ending

If you thought Kanata’s ending was bad, get a load of this.

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Galilei Donna’s ending is the worst ending I have seen this year, and considering how badly most anime series this year ended (re: you could count the number of series I’ve watched that had good endings on one hand), that’s saying a lot. It’s true that my patience for it died long ago, so I wasn’t going to care regardless. But come on! You could have at least ended with something that was fitting of an ending!

I think it’s time to give this thing the summary treatment, because I can’t think of a better format to describe this mess. Now it was obvious that the finale was going to be crap, because Galilei Donna only left one episode open to tie up all its loose ends, and to say that it introduced a ton of them and yet didn’t use its penultimate episodes to even bother trying to tie them up would be the understatement of the century. But dear lord, you could have at least made your ending exciting in some way.

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So the girls get arrested and basically thrown back into prison for all the crimes they committed. They soon get put on a trial, but not just any trial. A GALILEO trial aka something that has a fancy name, and yet is about as different from the norm as calling my PS3 an Edison console, but it’s just the same as any other PS3. Then the girls basically have the odds against them because the entire court is rigged. However, the logic is so flimsy and one-sided that it makes the kangaroo trial in the 90s animated Batman episode “Trial” look realistic. I can’t really describe it very well, so let’s just say that the dialogue looks like it was written by an elementary school kid. Who grew up on bad Robin Williams movies. The entire court case was just a bunch of bad reasoning that felt vapid, kind of like the whole adventure feel of the show.

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Yes, you do have a lot to apologize for, Galilei Donna.

And then suddenly, the parents burst in after being absent for so long and basically give the same logic the daughters did. Except for some reason, this causes the entire court case to go into the girls’ favor. There’s some stupid bit where the pirate reveals himself that makes sense in retrospect, but by that point, I was so bored that I didn’t care. Then Roberto comes and kills his father in front of a crowd, causing him to get arrested. All in a few seconds. With absolutely NO buildup and done so matter-of-factly that the word “anticlimax doesn’t even describe it”. If this is what that new Umetsu show next season is going to be like, I’d rather have Seiji Kishi adapt the Ace Attorney games.

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The big kicker is that the entire journey was completely pointless! The only thing that this whole journey was accomplished was Hozuki meeting with Galileo just so the final clue (which is revealed at the very ending) would be a love letter towards the brat. Seriously, if you started the show at Episode 1, skipped Episodes 2-10, and watched Episode 11, you wouldn’t miss much of anything. And what do they even do with all Galileo objects they collect? Use it to solve an energy crisis? Hahaha, no! They go on a family vacation.


So another anime disappointed me by having the main plot be a shitty love story with boring characters, a boring journey, and a downright insulting usage of cool elements. Well I’m so glad I watched eleven episodes to come to this conclusion!

But hey, at least it looked pretty. Right?

5 responses to “Twelve Days of Anime #6 (Bad): Galilei Donna’s Ending

  1. That last image is a very fitting reaction towards this anime.

    The writer’s brain is definitely lower than a middle schooler, and whoever hires him to write another original anime (I forget the title) must be equally stupid, there’s no other explanation.

    How did their Daddy meet their Mommy? How did they plot everything so that they can turn in table in a matter of minutes? They all happened off screen! <– the thing that I hated the most.

    I really hoped that there will be an epilogue after the ending song, showing all of them frozen to death while chilling in Japan. Alas, it didn't happen.

    • Actually, if I cared about the characters and found Gallileo’s relation with Haruki endearing, that would be a pretty great ending. And if the writing wasn’t so awfully stupid, of course.

      I always thought that, somewhere, in all that bullshit, there was a good show hiding on Gallileo Donna, which makes it even sadder.