Twelve Days of Anime #8 (Bad): Jormungand Dub Clip

I’ve said some means things about Jormungand over the year. It’s one of those shows that poisons your mind and just gets worse the more you think about it, hence why I have a hard time letting the issue go, especially when you’re one of the only people who seem to see it for the piece of crap it is (to be fair, a bunch of people caught on by the second season, but that thing is still ranked reasonably well on MAL). But what really reignited my hatred for the show was when I happened to see the dub clip by Funimation regarding its US release (that got delayed) that came out sometime in the Fall, thus I’m allowed to use it as a 12 Days for this year. And dear lord, this show was worse than I remember.

I mean ignoring the terrible dub, look at that clip. Look at how those cars move! As my White Fox-hating partner, Landon, would say:

…and that’s ignoring the weak-ass explosions and just incompetent choreography all around and the terrible characters who aren’t the least bit entertaining and…ARRRRGGGHHHH! For god sakes, what kind of arms dealers act like street vendors like in that goddamn second episode? Haven’t you ever seen Black Lagoon? Or, I dunno, any action movie ever? It’s not exactly hard to look this shit up.

I tried re-watching some of the show to see if it was as bad as I remembered. I lasted two episodes before realizing that I couldn’t take it anymore. It’s a 1/10 through and through. Actually, that might be too kind now that I think about it again. I wish I could rank it even lower, but…

Fuck. This. Show. And fuck this clip for reminding me of its awfulness!

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