Twelve Days of Anime #11 (Bad): Thirty Minutes of Blackjack

Hey Mardock Scramble. I understand that you’re trying to create the same kind of tension that Kaiji did with its games, but have you forgotten that your last movie is only 60 minutes long? Ignoring the fact that you suck at creating a really engaging game of gambling and lack the ZAWA ZAWA ZAWA background track, you shouldn’t be spending half your finale on something that has no real bearing on the plot.



Seriously, aside from some brief flashes of exposition, the first half hour was focused on just watching two people playing blackjack for reasons that elude me. It’s like watching that awful “walking around in circles” scene in the first episode of Fate/Zero stretched out longer than your average anime episode.

What happens after the movie isn’t that bad, although it’s not great either and I can’t really praise it too much. But that first half? Ugh.

Yeah, I can’t recommend you watch the Mardock Scramble movie series unless you’re already this far in. Cool ideas without any real control over them whatsoever.

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