Anime Grab Bag #9

I probably should stop doing introductions for these and just get on with what I saw this week, right? Oh wait, what’s that? Noitamina is putting another crappy adventure series into its timeslot? Ah fuck it. If the rumors about the new Yuasa anime are true, then I don’t care.

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Kill la Kill: Episode 11

Maybe I should write some fanfiction for this series. I’m getting quite a bunch of views from Kill la Kill hentai seekers and I might as well indulge them a bit. Oh, and the twist at the end was pretty damn cool despite not being all that surprising.

Miss Monochrome: Episode 11

Miss Monochrome is the bestest. The end.

Kyoukai no Kanata: Episode 11

Unlike Draggle, I can easily tell what’s going on. Dude had the title of this show – which turned out to be a different dimension – inside of him, hence why he’s a half-youmu. Girl was sent to assassinate him and ends up trapping herself in the dimension to remove the dimension from him (don’t ask me how that works). Dude gets support from his friends to break into the dimension and save her. Main bad guy wants to use the different dimension to cause trouble, so he powers it up with a car. Not exactly quantum physics we’re dealing with here.

Kyousogiga: Episode 9

The same can’t be said for Kyousogiga though. I’m not sure when it happened, but the show kind of lost me. Unlike other people who are losing interest in the show because they can’t follow what’s going on, I can understand the basic story: the Mirror Capital is falling due to some galaxy bullshit, Koto wants to protect the capital, and Myoue needs to grow up and all. The only problem is that the story is extremely underwhelming compared to all the buildup from before. Is everything that happened prior just boiling down to another “save the world” plot? Really? Thank god we only have one episode left. Maybe the finale will do something awesome and get me back into this, but as of now, I just want the show to end before I run out of patience with it.

Galilei Donna: Episode 10

…I’ll get back to this later, but seriously. What the fuck was that shit?

Retro Section

Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Episode 8

Still the only good Gundam series I’ve seen. I’m just getting back into it now and I’m not quite sure why I stopped. It’s a pretty fun fighting show, except with Sunrise robots.

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