Minor Updates

Over the past week, I’ve been modifying the header menu above because it was getting really cluttered. Here are the changes.

  • Favorite anime movies are combined with favorite anime series list to make a top 80 anime list, but the movies and series are still separate from each other. Each page has ten anime on it.
  • I have no idea how to put the season preview on the sidebar like I know some people do, so it’ll be a permanent menu item until then.
  • The entire blogroll page is gone (I haven’t deleted it, but it’s mostly irrelevant now). From now on, I’ll just put all the blogs I really love to read on the side, top ten or whatever be damned. If you’re not on there, it doesn’t mean I’m not reading you. I just didn’t think you were sidebar material. And I refuse to do link exchanges, because blogrolls are supposed to contain blogs “you” personally enjoy and think are great. I expect all blogs to do the same, so I don’t see why I should differ in that aspect. Also, just like I can add new blogs if they impress, I will remove you if you stop updating or your writing deteriorates for some reason.
  • My rankings are now separated in pages to differentiate each category. Default page is ‘anime by the year’ and I added my favorite movies and TV shows to the thing, but no descriptions because of how involved that would become at the moment. Also no top list for music because I don’t have any means to rank those, nor remember all the songs I’ve heard. Is there an IMDB/MAL for music?
  • There might be some other modifications, but I’m too lazy to give attention to them.

That’s all the updates. By the way, Twelve Days of Anime starts on Saturday and you’ll see me posting one “good” moment and one “bad” moment each day from then on until Christmas. Happy Holidays guys.

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