Anime Grab Bag #8

Tons of anime I want to give attention to this week, mostly because they were great setups for future possibilities whilst being entertaining on their own. Only things I’m keeping up with that aren’t on here are the shorts and VN adaptations.

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Samurai Flamenco: Episode 9

This week’s Flamenco was an improvement over last week’s. It dealt with the new situation in a way I actually bought, mixed in the slice-of-life elements far better, and set up a legitimately gripping cliffhanger that made me take King Torture somewhat seriously. Pity this couldn’t happen a week ago, but my faith in regards to the hope that the show knew what it was doing was restored.

Galilei Donna: Episode 9

I heard this episode was legendarily terrible a few hours before I got to seeing it. Something about time traveling and Hozuki falling in love with her ancestor. Word of advice, never take those guys who see the show early seriously. They exaggerate every little thing to the point of annoyance. It was still pretty bad though. For a time-travel episode, I’d expect a little more creativity than what was shown here. And of course, there’s the fact that 95% of the time, time travel never turns out well for fiction, and I don’t think Galilei Donna belongs to the 5%.

Kyoukai no Kanata: Episode 10

This week’s Kanata episode was threatening to piss me off. After the cool ending last week where Mirai stabs a berserk Akihito with the risk of killing him, the episode begins with him completely recovered and just pushes the whole “Beyond the Boundary” stuff to the side like it never happened. Then the show totally blindsides me with some revelations regarding what’s actually going on, and I’m suddenly really looking forward to next week.

Kill la Kill: Episode 10

The totally inevitable happened. The show fell into the same trap Lagann fell into in that it’s relying on the same craziness as before whilst only making minor changes to what’s going on. There were enough changes and added elements to the whole thing that I was entertained, plus I dig Senketsu’s evolutions, everything having to do with Nonon and Mako, and elementary-schooler Satsuki. But I wasn’t in love with the episode like everyone else seemed to be since it just seemed to be a retread of last week only with one or two new additions.

Kyousogiga: Episode 8

Probably the best episode I saw this week in regards to explaining past plot threads whilst setting up a great jumping point for the finale. I’m looking forward to seeing Koto whup some ass next week and…what? It’s taking a break next week for some special? Fuck!!!

Saint Young Men (Movie)

Saint Young Men is kinda like Meganebu in that it’s a good comedic concept killed by AWFUL pacing. The OVAs were already pushing it as is, but a full-length movie of nothing but Buddha and Jesus dicking around? It sounds cool in theory, but in practice, it sucks. Very few of the jokes worked and they were only chuckle-worthy at best. It got to the point that I tuned out after twenty minutes and played the Life of Brian on my PS3 at the same time. Much better religious comedy by the way.

Retro Section

Darkside Blues

For a movie called Darkside Blues, Darkside sure doesn’t show up or do that much, does he? In fact, I couldn’t quite get what his purpose in the film was, as most of it seemed to be centered on Messiah and their fight against Persona. Maybe if I did, I would have enjoyed the movie more? It’s still pretty damn good, mind you.

Garden of Sinners: Movie 1

Boooooorrrrriiiinnnnngggg nasu dialogue and crappy action do not, a good movie make. Unlike last year when I first saw, I didn’t even finish the thing, stopping with about fifteen minutes (of a 50 minute movie mind you) left to go.

Wicked City

It’s like Demon City Shinjuku, only way better and has some really awesome fight scenes. I totally dug the plot twist in the end regarding why Taki and Makie were chosen to team up with each other, as it’s the kind of romantic shit I eat up. Pity that this kind of violent stuff is the only way anime romance really ever affects me nowadays. Whilst I’m kinda enjoying White Album 2, the romance story in that doesn’t grab me nearly as well as Wicked City’s violent and sleazy methods of conveying love.

Je T’aime

In a world where humanity is all but dead, a lone dog searches for human contact once more. It’s definitely one of Mamoru Oshii’s stronger works and the only problem I have with it is that the song in the middle is crap and ruins what could have been an awesome atmospheric scene regarding the robot girl and her interactions with our canine protagonist. Had that song not been inserted there, Je T’Aime would have been a masterpiece.

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  1. So what did you think of this week’s Little Busters? It was quite visually interesting, especially for what was essentially a 20-minute long exposition dump. After a hitch in the middle, I think this series is coming along quite nicely.