Half-Way Assumption of The Fall 2013 Season By Yours Truly

Time to do one of these “half-way reviews of an anime season” thingies. I’m only giving attention to shows I actually bothered to keep up with for a fair amount of time, so no Meganebu or Arpeggio or Hajime no Ippo get on. And since I rarely change my mind about shows around this point in time because they usually do a good job of setting up the right atmosphere and stuff in their early episodes, I feel safe in declaring these my final judgments once they actually end, let alone this season being the best of the year by far.

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Shows That Make Me Want To Bash My Head In For Watching


Coppelion is the worst show I saw this season, and apparently MAL agrees with me considering how far it dropped in rankings. Even Little Busters didn’t fall that low when it turned out to be a huge disappointment to the Key fans, and considering how awful that show was, that says a lot. I don’t want to bash on it anymore than I have, so I’ll just stop there.

Galilei Donna

By far one of the most obnoxiously preachy shows I’ve seen in a long time. It thinks it’s trying to be clever and heartfelt, but it’s really just forcing a bunch of situations down our throat rather than let things progress naturally. This gets in the way of my entertainment, even for ironic enjoyment like I know what some others are doing as of now, and I just can’t get into it.

Shows That Are Watchable Enough But Don’t Stick With Me Well

Golden Time

There’s a lot of things going for this and it could have been a really good show if it had been adapted well. Pity that the direction and pacing hamper the whole thing to the point I couldn’t go on. Fuck you Chiaki Kon. Fuck. You.

White Album 2

Too serious for my liking, but the solid characters and their relationships alleviate that somewhat. Still waiting for when it goes all dramatic on us though, which is probably my main problem with it. It did kind of ruin True Tears for me after all.


The show is just stupid whilst being visually interesting enough to have my attention.

Yozakura Quartet

Similar to Golden Time, except without the crappy direction, when the show focuses on making things happen, it’s pretty damn great. When it’s slowing down, it becomes kind of a drag, partly because the artstyle doesn’t work well when the characters aren’t moving. I like the action and length of the show enough to stick around, but it’s nowhere near being a favorite of mine.

Shows That Surprised Me In Their Decency, but I Wish They Were More

Miss Monochrome

The setups to the punchline could be better, but the payoff is pretty damn funny.

Teekyu 3

Do I need to say anything about this show at this point?

Kyoukai no Kanata

I love the world, the creatures, the way the characters live, the animation, and the powers. Unfortunately, they’re hampered by some hit-and-miss comedy (though thankfully it doesn’t miss much or hard enough) and lousy action scenes that get by more on flash than choreography. Characters aren’t very interesting, but not to the point that they hamper things, and they can be funny at times. Plus, Episode 6 is still one of the greatest things to ever occur. It’s nothing great, but it’s nowhere near to boring me like the other recent KyoAni stuff. Still, the fact that it misses the mark at being amazing frustrates me a bit.

Shows That Make Me A Fan Of Anime


I’m shocked that I turned around on the next two shows so quickly after not being impressed with them at first, as well as the fact that they, along with my favorite anime of the season so far, are considered the top three by the majority of the viewers. Kyousogiga started clicking with me once I realized it was basically Cloud Atlus meets Alice in Wonderland. I love the character stories and their relationships, I love the world, I love seeing Koto go crazy, I love the animation style, and I love the promise. I just hope it delivers in the end. I really hate it when shows start off with good opening episodes only to fizzle out in the end. I don’t want another Bones show with this.

Samurai Flamenco

Holy shit did this show become one of the funniest comedies of the season after that “meh” first episode. After more characters started getting introduced into the mix, I suddenly started having a lot more fun with this show. This easily surpasses Kick-Ass in terms of entertainment, superheroes functioning in the real world, and laughs. The only thing preventing me from giving this show a masterpiece title is the derpy animation and the lack of a Nicholas Cage character.

Kill la Kill

Imaishi read my mind and gave me my dream anime. Yeah.

5 responses to “Half-Way Assumption of The Fall 2013 Season By Yours Truly

  1. “Cloud Atlas” meets “Alice in Wonderland”?

    That’s a good description, and I think you may have given me a way I can finally convince my brother to watch Kyousougiga. Cloud Atlas is his favorite movie, so thanks for that.

    • Never watched Cloud Atlas,…
      Actually, I realized recently it is actually “Zazie (from “Zazie in the Metro”) in Wonderland”. And this is an awesome setting.