New Top Anime List Update With Expansion of Said List

So I updated my favorite anime series list again in order to include some of the stuff that dropped off. This time, it has 50 entries on it. All stuff I love and I describe why that’s the case. Nothing much else to say other than a couple of notes.

  • I will probably expand the list to 70 in the future, but that’s as far as I’m willing to go. Anymore than 70 series/franchises and 30 movies, and the whole thing gets tedious and would include stuff I just like rather than my all-time favorites.
  • A few things got moved down and up due to the mood I was when I redid the list.
  • I split the list into pages in order to allow for easier reading. Each page has twenty series/franchise on it, barring the last page, which consists of my top ten all-time favorites.
  • Stuff that missed out include: Carnival Phantasm, Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera, Moryou no Hako, and Planetes. Was thinking of War in the Pocket but it hasn’t stayed in my mind that well, although I still like it. Also, Legend of the Galactic Heroes does not go on because that series (and the franchise itself) just has too many things I don’t like about anime getting in the way of me calling it a masterpiece like everyone else. It’s still good though.
  • Kyousogiga, Kill la Kill, and Samurai Flamenco might go on when they finish. Space Dandy should be fun too.
  • The closest thing I saw this year to getting on the list is Turning Girls, but it didn’t make it. Flowers might have gone on, but I’ve lost a lot of affection for it over time.
  • None of my Secret Santas look like they’ll even come close to getting on the list, although I kinda like what I’ve seen of them so far.

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