Anime Grab Bag #5

This Fall season kicks the previous three seasons’ ass. Winter relied mostly on shorts, carryovers, and sequels to carry the day. Spring relied on movies. The only new summer anime I enjoyed was Danganronpa and everything else that came out that season disappointed me fairly quickly. But this season is like all of Japan’s animators poured their awful into those other seasons so that it could kick maximum ass.

Kill la Kill: Episode 6


At first, I was going to complain about the fact that this felt like two episodes crammed into one, what with the new guy losing to Ryuko at first and then winning the second time. Then I realized that the pacing wasn’t bothering me in the slightest and said “Fuck it. This show continues to be awesome”.

Galilei Donna: Episode 5

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 10.13.54 PM

This show is baaaaddddd. And not bad in a way that stands out, but bad in that it’s bland as all hell. Seriously, this episode was just awful. The stupid exposition that is spouted out of nowhere. The forced contrivances that don’t progress the story in any sort of natural direction. The underutilization of the main characters to the point you wonder what their purpose is. And apparently, it takes place in the Netherlands, yet looks nothing like the Netherlands. Oh, and did I mention the “oh so subtle” anti-war and poverty messages? This show just tries to do too much to the point that it succeeds at nothing and I can’t find a thing to latch onto. Boring characters. Boring writing. Boring animation. And it brought Gundam into my mind. I said I wouldn’t watch anymore Valvrave this season! Done with you Galilei Donna!

Golden Time: Episode 6


I wasn’t planning on dropping Golden Time as well, but this episode broke my patience for it. No, it wasn’t the outburst of emotion at the end that got to me, nor the return of the awful sound mixing, nor the awful CG that makes Arpeggio’s look like Toy Story’s. Not even Chiaki Kon’s directing bothered me like it does most people. The problem was that this was 24 episodes, and watching this made realize the implications that entails. Hell, this sixth episode just felt like a repeat of the previous episodes, only made to delay time until that confession at the end. And when I realized that the poor pacing nullified the impact it should have, I just gave up. Don’t worry about my friend though. I said I’d watch White Album 2 with him as a replacement.

Refrain: Episode 6

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 12.35.57 PM

Sad boys in rain. Yeah…

Kyoukai no Kanata: Episode 6

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 6.18.05 PM

I wrote about this episode here. Apparently it was a throwaway because the writer wanted to have fun. And I can dig that if it means we get random comedy stuff like this every once in a while. Seriously, whilst not as non-existent as the ultraviolent stuff, they’re getting rarer with every year.

Retro Section

Ouran Host Club: Episodes 14-26


The reason why I like Ouran whilst not liking all the other reverse harem comedies out there isn’t because it’s a parody like people have claimed in the past. It’s because Ouran was the only one that was actually funny. Seriously, I’d love a lot more from this genre if it had the comedic timing this thing had. And if the serious stuff that shoujo tend to devolve into wasn’t so freaking retarded. Ouran didn’t become a favorite like I originally thought it would eight episodes in because it lost steam sometime after the halfway point, but it’s still one of the better things to come out of Bones.

Simoun: Episode 1 and 7


I once again tried getting back into this “best DEEN show that is now widely accepted by the anime community”. I literally made it ten minutes into both the first and the seventh episode before I got bored/annoyed and ejected my DVDs from my PS3. Yeah, give me some Yami to Boushi to Han to Tababito any day of the week. It’s a yuri DEEN show like this, except instead of being “philosophical, meandering, and grating”, it’s “messy, shallow, and quick on the cool stuff”. And if you know my taste, you know I prefer the latter.

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  1. It’s been some time since I visited psgel’s blog. It was great that he is a Dutch, and he told us is good details just how stupid and lazy the author of Galilei Donna is. Thanks for the link. Psst. I still look forward how he is going to portray the USA. Oh, wait. That’s not really important. Please make them visit Jakarta instead!