First Impressions: Coppelion, Kyousogiga, and Beyond the Boundary

So what exactly did Hump Day’s offerings bring? Read on to find out.

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Pre-Viewing Thoughts:

Let’s start with Beyond the Boundary, the KyoAni show. I went into this one kind of cautious because I have seen its premise fucked up before. The guy who’s adapting this is the guy who adapted Chuunibyou, Level E, and Steins;Gate, so he’s a little better at making things interesting than the writer of Free! and Hataraku Maou-sama. As such, I went into this hopeful that this would be a KyoAni show I liked.

What Turns Me Off:

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. It has a bunch of the usual LN cliches that you’d expect from not just KyoAni, but most LN adaptations in general, to the point that it comes off as checklisty. Not exactly Guilty Crown or Jormungand bad (let alone other LN adaptations), but the pacing felt unnatural at times. Snarky male lead, clumsy moe girl, and snarky childhood female friend. There’s an emo guy too, but he hasn’t been properly introduced yet. With that said, I do like the snarky KyoAni characters fine so it’s not that much of a problem, especially compared to the cast of Free!. Pity that the main girl isn’t the childhood friend though. Also, the comedic elements are typical clumsy moe stuff that I’ve seen before, although the comedic timing is great. Not terrible. Just tired, so I didn’t really laugh at them. Finally, there’s the dialogue. It’s literally like this anime was KyoAni trying to be Monogatari and whilst I tolerated it more than most people (believe me, I’ve sat through way worse), it wasn’t all that great. Sometimes it was snappy, but other times it was came off as trying too hard.

What Hooks Me:

The action is pretty great and all with nice animation and choreography. But what I like the most about this show is that in this world, supernatural stuff just happens to exist and it’s treated like no big deal with no explanation for why it occurs whatsoever. That’s a pretty damn cool thing that I didn’t expect when I went into this show. And despite my complaints about the characters being typical, they’re still solid enough to not detract from the experience. Also, the preview showed a ton of action scenes, so hell yeah am I looking forward to it. I just hope KyoAni doesn’t frontload them all and the 2nd half goes into non-action territory, but I heard from some people in the know that there’ll be plenty of supernatural stuff to be had, so as long as the characters don’t grow insufferable, it’ll keep my attention. For now, I’m just glad that this is Monogatari or Munto if they didn’t suck.

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Pre-Viewing Thoughts:

Next is Coppelion. I read one chapter of the manga in college, but I don’t remember it for the life of me. All I knew was that the story was about three girls in a nuclear wasteland that can survive without radiation suits and after a few years’ delay, it was being adapted by GoHands. Whilst I did like K, the show had problems, so I was hoping that being based on previous material will steer thse guys towards a more focused direction.

What Turns Me Off:

This episode was an anti-hook episode aka one of those first episodes where they don’t tell you what the plot is. I know some people like that and I’m all for figuring things out for myself (see my reaction to the supernatural world of Beyond the Boundary), but please give me a reason to want to see what happens next at the very least. For 20 minutes, I was just watching three girls walk around without much happening aside from some sparse hints thrown out about the world. I kinda liked the main girl, Ibara, but that’s because I have a fetish for those kind of snarky females. The other two weren’t very interesting and unfortunately, Ibara can’t carry a show by herself. The whole thing just felt like a poor attempt at capturing the feel of Flower of Evil’s first episode.

What Hooks Me:

With all my complaints said, this wasn’t that bad of an anti-hook episode. Even if you didn’t read the summary, you can tell that the story is about three girls being employed by the government to explore a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Whilst I can’t say what the show is going to do with that yet, it’s got to be something, as there’s no way the manga can run as long as it has without some kind of structure. It was mostly the reveal that there are feral dogs out to kill in the last two minutes that really got my attention, but I still appreciated how the show took its time to explain some of the concepts of how people survive in the setting. And like I said, I dug Ibara, if only for shallow reasons. Animation and backgrounds are great too, but GoHands has a habit of dropping the quality after the first episode, so I’m keeping caution in regards to praising them. And I trust the manga to be as good as people say, especially since this kind of post-apocalypse is rife for exploration.


Pre-Viewing Thoughts:

Final anime, Kyousogiga. Since I already saw the OVAs, I was prepared for this. Unfortunately…

What Turns Me Off:

That’s part of the problem. This episode was a recap of the OVAs. I watched the episode raw and even I could tell there was nothing to really gain from seeing the same thing twice.

What Hooks Me:

Nothing so far that I didn’t already know because it’s a fucking recap! It’s just the first OVA (and maybe one or two of the ONAs as my memory of them is kind of fuzzy) edited down for TV length. Yes, I kinda liked the OVA and ONAs when I saw them, but I’m not going to write about the show until it does something new. In fact, you’re probably better off watching the OVA altogether.

Final Rating:

Kyousogiga– Can’t really rate this one yet due to being a recap and all. I’ll just treat it like most fans treat the Monogatari recaps. If you haven’t seen them though, it’s wacky and wild and incomprehensible as can be.

Beyond the Boundary– It’s got a solid start. Needs to progress in the natural direction of things (aka more violence) and tone down the dialogue from here on though. After that, we’ll have a real winner. 7/10.

Coppelion– Has enough to keep me watching, but needs to get the momentum going fast. 6/10.

PS: Oh keep in mind, I’m not doing any first impressions on the sequels. There’s really no point, especially since I know Hajime no Ippo will be great and unless the other sequels ramp things up like the second Birdy the Mighty Decode or degrades to the quality of a Shaft sequel, you know what you’re in for.

3 responses to “First Impressions: Coppelion, Kyousogiga, and Beyond the Boundary

  1. Agreed with you on Beyond the Boundary with regards to its worldbuilding. It does indeed seem like the show’s gonna try making its supernatural elements something very ordinary. I don’t know if I necessarily agree with you on all its characters being typical, as Akihito has an agency I rarely see from these types of protagonists. Then again, I tend to avoid LN adaptations, so that might be why I think so.

    I didn’t bother with this first episode of Kyousogiga after seeing it was a recap. Do you know if this recap is part of the total episode count of the series, or was an episode seriously wasted on this?