Blogging the Live-Action Nodame Cantabile: Episodes 4-6

The mongoose here basically represents my question regarding this post.

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As you can probably tell, it’s hard for me to really blog the live-action Nodame Cantabile because it’s one of those shows where most of the enjoyment comes from getting sucked into its lively atmosphere. There’s only so many ways I can actually describe that without just posting a summary of what happened in each episode, and unfortunately most people have read the manga or watched the anime by this point, so even if I did post summaries it would be redundant. So you’re most likely just going to get short concise reactions from me for the rest of this stuff.

But yeah, whilst I don’t watch much live-action Japanese dramas or anything, I can tell that this is definitely top-tier. If I could score this on my MAL, I would give it a 9 at this point, which is more than I gave either of the Nodame Cantabile seasons (in case you don’t know, I loved the first season obviously and found the other two to be decent). It plays off the same beats as the first season of the anime whilst accomplishing much more with its more lively music playing and comedic timing. The fourth episode was basically about Chiaki conducting the S-OKE orchestra and having them participate in that competition against Stresseman (well, not really considering he bailed at the last minute). Fifth episode was basically about that blond woman whose name I can never remember trying to get Stresseman out of Japan whilst developing the relationships Stresseman has with both Nodame and Chiaki (and introducing the famous mongoose suit). Sixth episode is focused on the splitting of the S-OKE and Chiaki contemplating what to do with his life whilst Nodame wants to improve in order to be with him. It was pretty damn great. Yeah I’ve seen it before, but that doesn’t take away from its brilliance. That’s the sign of a great series or movie: when you know what’s coming and yet it’ll still be really enjoyable.

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I’ve got to say, those reaction faces that Stresseman has when he’s mad are pretty hilarious. Always found his comedic side to be annoying in the anime. Must be the wig that’s drawing me to this version.

So badda-bing, badda-boom. Nothing else I can really say here that I haven’t said before. Hopefully the next batch of episodes will give me more to work with. Or maybe I should adopt this style of writing in regards to episodic posts from now on so I can actually properly blog any of the anime series I do episodics on without dropping it midway through.

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Bleach flashbacks! BLEACH FLASHBACKS!

3 responses to “Blogging the Live-Action Nodame Cantabile: Episodes 4-6

  1. Never saw an episode of Nodame Cantabile (live action and anime) but from what I can make of your screenshots, it seems rather quirky.

  2. Of all the real life adaptations I have come across, this series definitely is the best. I cannot remember the last time I had laugh this hard. Korewa ichiban desu :D:D