So I Did Another Podcast With Some Cool People


Since the bosses of FAPcast refuse to let me back on because I’m not watching anything that’s relevant to their discussions (aka I hate Monogatari, and anyone who does is blacklisted there :P), I decided to jump into another group podcast where my knowledge of anime could actually be applied to something relevant. So join me as I discuss with a group of anime fans, including Deadlights (Deadlight’s Anime Blog), psgels (Star Crossed Anime Blog), juno (commenter on Star Crossed Anime Blog?), and Slashe (Nihon Review) regarding how Darker than Black is the greatest Bones series whilst discussing Space Dandy, why the new Seiji Kishi/Romeo Tanaka movie is just going to be a Key story in movie format, and how Mari Okada is a great writer hampered by many flaws.

Link is here:

2 responses to “So I Did Another Podcast With Some Cool People

  1. I stumbled on your blog after listening to Psgels’ podcast.

    It’s nice to see someone who isn’t as easily impressed as many other people, and for good reason too.