The Worst Anime of 2012

With a best list comes a worst list, and 2012 sure had a lot of stinkers within that year that I unfortunately subjected myself to. BTW, no I’m not planning to make a worst list for anything prior to this date, as I didn’t start fully splurging on the stuff until this year and I don’t want to go back and watch anime solely to bash them. Sure I’ve seen some stinkers in the past few years, but not enough to fill out a top ten list. Also, unlike my favorite list, I’m only including anime that ended in 2012 rather than started, so no Little Busters or Sakurasou or Bakuman (lot of JC Staff stuff huh?) or any of those two-cour Fall shows get on here.

Oh and one thing to keep in mind. I don’t include stuff where I’m biased against the genre and what it represents as a whole, so no Who Is Imouto or Koi Chocolate or whatever. It’s not fun to pick on stuff that had premises that were pretty doomed from the start.

10: Tsuritama


Fun fact: this was actually my first exposure to Kenji Nakamura. At the point that I watched this, I didn’t know who he was or what his schtick consists of. Also, I was a bit of a different fan back then, so when I saw the vibrant colors and unique fishing premise and all, I instantly loved this thing. Then I paid attention to the characters and story and realized this anime was garbage. I’m sorry, but fishing is not fun to watch in any way. And even if it was, there were multiple stretches in the show where the fishing didn’t have anything to do with the main story and was just used because someone wanted to show off. Riveting stuff. That’s exactly what excites me about anime.

On top of that, autistic characters combined with AWFUL flute music just wrecked the fun for me. Seriously, Yuki, Haru, glasses guy, his sister…aside from the duck guy, they were all boring people I didn’t give a crap about because someone thought having unrestrained, poorly voiced, Felix the Cat-like idiots could be both entertaining and sympathetic. Yeah, you’ll have better luck trying to get me to sympathize with Beavis and Butthead. They have better jokes and better taste in music.

9: Humanity Has Declined


Let me make this clear before I bash this thing. I don’t hate Romeo Tanaka. He’s one of the most creative VN writers out there with a wide versatility of ideas to throw out to the world. I even kind of like how he’s basically a combination of Gen Urobuchi and Jun Maeda due to his love of mixing moe girl melodrama with an axe to grind against humanity, even if that comparison isn’t the most accurate. But the problem is that like Rintaro, his stuff is either really good or really bad with very little in between. And oh god, Humanity Has Declined had too much of the latter going on. Okay, the absolutely dry direction from Seiji Kishi didn’t help one bit, but oh god the writing. For every bread arc or “trapped on island” story, you get that awful manga arc or the paradog thing or…whatever the hell that third arc was. It was too inconsistent to enjoy and I kept on falling asleep for the most part whenever I turned on an episode.

8: Sankarea


For the first three or so episodes, Sankarea was pretty decent…if you ignored Wanko. It was far from being a favorite of mine or anything of the sort, but I really liked how pretty it was and the story of a girl suffering from an abusive father, only to die and turn into a zombie. Then the show turns into a fan-pandering piece of shit and it gets worse. Then the main character gets captured and the series goes into multiple flashbacks that never go anywhere. Then Episode 11 happens and the show just shoots itself in the foot with the worst placement of fanservice I have ever seen. Why did I even bother with this show? Seriously, why?

7: Moyashimon Returns


Whilst I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this sequel was really awful or anything, it was definitely a major step down from the hilarious and constantly moving first season. I’m really not sure what the hell happened to this season considering that the staff was the same and all. Is it due to current trends? Is it due to the decline of the anime industry? Is it due to aliens? I dunno, but this thing was pretty dull. Despite my best efforts to like it, the flaws eventually overwhelmed me in the end and I was forced to admit that this thing wasn’t very good. Not that it didn’t have its moments, but none of them ever hit any real highs.

6: Nisemonogatari


Same story as Tsuritama. I dug the visual style and it was only when I actually paid attention to the story and characters that I realized how bad this was. Fucking poorly paced, talky-talky, idiotically written shit, this was. *Insert Yoda laugh*

Anyways, no need to bash this any further. Next!

5: Sword Art Online AND Guilty Crown

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 6.52.01 PM

Yeah, you knew these were going to be on here, I originally was going to put them in their own separate entry, but I decided I wanted to include Tsuritama on the list, so I just decided to group these two together. Here’s the thing: both of these shows were definitely the most memorable bad stuff we’ve seen in a long time. I definitely had a lot of fun joining in the bashing and unintentional comedy these two series brought, I liked how they made my blog popular (well, SAO did as I wasn’t writing when GC was airing) and I can see why most people would genuinely like them. The thing is though, once the shock wears off, they’re just beautifully animated, blatantly fan-pandering, tedium that I struggle to get through. It’s fun to watch as a group I guess, but most anime usually are, so meh. There’s nothing else I can say about them that others haven’t already said better, so let’s just get on with the next one.

4: Kokoro Connect


This is actually lower on the list than I would have expected considering how much I blew up over it on Anime Talk once, as well as on Twitter, and…well I took a lot of opportunities to rage against this one. My reaction to this was similar to how Shin reacted when he watched Itsudatte My Santa. It’s probably not that bad to other people and on a technical aspect (animation is typical Silver Link cheap, but it’s still pretty good by their standards), but to us, it hit all our rage buttons in all the wrong ways. And no, it wasn’t the fact that it was a waste of potential or that it was about a bland male lead saving capable girls because lol sexism, although that certainly didn’t help. No, it was that dialogue. That godawfully written, smug, Whedonish, meta-LN, dialogue that felt like it was shoving how bad it was in my face to the point of unwatchability. Hopefully, if this thing gets an English dub, they get some of my favorite English VAs to voice these characters (I could totally see a JYB-voiced character saving females) and fix the script. However, my anger at least kept me watching the show, even if it damaged my mind for a long while afterwards, so I can’t rank it that low.

3: Black Rock Shooter


Can’t really say much here because I don’t remember a thing about this show other than it being super boring. Given Black Rock Shooter’s unique style, that’s a major strike against it, because damn those CG battles can be fun to look at. Too bad the rest of the show drags it down. Nothing about this thing made any sense and my brain just checked out every time I watched an episode to the point that I forgot a psycho counselor. A psycho counselor! How do you forget that? I hate you Black Rock Shooter.

2: Accel World


Whilst SAO started with potential and squandered it, Accel World was doomed from the start with its opening episodes revealing it from the start that it was going to be a blatant piece off wish-fulfillment shit with its fat main getting more attention than he ever deserved and the laughable 1-D villains that make the ones in Power Rangers look like the ones in No Country for Old Men. Again, a lot of people have already aired their grievances with this one, so all I can say is that it’s kind of like if Maroon 5’s “Payphone” video was turned into a series. Annoyingly-voiced, blatant fan-pandering, and awful writing. Oh, and incredibly boring. Bleh.

Now before I get into the #1, a couple of honorable mentions in sucking this year…

18 responses to “The Worst Anime of 2012

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  2. Man I seriously hate you what a fucking twat go back to your sword art online loving friend and fuck him in the ass because its all you’ll be getting for the rest of your miserable virgin filled days!

    • Dude your sentence is incomprehensible and I can’t understand it. “What a fucking twat go back to your…” what? Where’s the conjunction?

  3. Isn’t it about time you move on? I mean, I like your insights, but I think you have beaten the deadhorse more than enough. It’s a little late to do a 2012 worst round-up. I think you should have done it 8 months ago. I don’t think there is anything in this post that you have not stated before.

    • I still think it’s worth looking back on the bad stuff 2012 had to offer as well as why they didn’t work for me, especially if you’re a newbie to my blog. I’m not planning to do any worst lists for before then, but I will be doing them for all future years. Also, as you can see, my viewpoints have changed a bit since I first complained about some of this stuff.

  4. What the hell? This is your top 10 worst list of 2012? How many Anime did you even watch in 2012? Honestly, I’m just surprised you didn’t stick Fate/Zero or Shin Sekai Yori somewhere to cement how shit your taste is.

  5. I didn’t watch some of them, but still, I don’t see a problem with this list.
    The hate comments must come from *cough* SAO’s * cough* fanboys.

    • Most of them come from Jormungand fanboys actually. For the life of me, I’ll never get why people were fanatical about that show. I have better aim than the characters in that show.

  6. Well, I’d compare Symphogear to Haganai…
    That’s the same kind of enjoyment, but for another genre.

    Dusk Maiden of Amnesia : In a way, it’s a poor man’s Monogatari, who choose to use a Another-Like look, instead of the great Shaftness.

    The sad thing with Black Rock Shooter is that it will still be better than Day Break Illusion, because Day Break Illusion choose to give more placeto the characters and story, and less to the battles (and the story is shit; actually). BRS at least had cool battle scenes.

    So, you didn’t watched Ebiten, I guess ? Because it is the most awfull anime of 2012 without a doubt (Unfunny, confusing being gross and references as humour ; needlessly confusing, and bad art. And absolutely unimaginative.

  7. This post is supposed to talk about the worst shows, but you just mentioned the shows you finished watching but didn’t like. You did not mention any of the shows that you dropped (which, by virtue of logic, is supposedly worse).

    Now I don’t think these titles should really qualify as “worst.” Perhaps, the word you are looking for is “disappointing.”

    Let’s not exaggerate things, shall we?

    • Part of the reason I chose that title is because lists are always subjective and by using something as definitive as “worst”, it generates more discussion. Especially since a bunch of the anime on the list are stuff a bunch of people like.

      Whilst I have no problem with people liking this stuff, I still want them to go “oh yeah, that’s pretty true”. I like discussion. Keeps things interesting.