Ani-Column: Is Sailor Moon Coming Or Not?

Will I ever get to see my beloved Tuxedo Mask?


Okay seriously, quit cockteasing us you Sailor Moon guys. Is the anime coming or not? I see the article (or to be more precise, the article that has the necessary links) but unlike that KyoAni thing which is so obviously that Kyokai no Kanata adaptation that was announced a while back, I can’t tell if that Winter date is official or another cocktease. Oh yeah, don’t think I wasn’t upset when it turned out the new Sailor Moon wasn’t coming this Summer (and honestly I wish it had, because most of my hyped Summer shows haven’t been impressing me). You’ve got the idol group singing the OP and ED. You’ve got the NicoNico stream confirmed. You’ve even confirmed that it’s not a remake, which means it’ll probably be like that Cobra revival a few years ago. Now will you just remove those question marks from the announcement date so we can get properly hyped for this?

Please? PLEASE?!! Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease???????????


Yeah, that kind of fanboyism isn’t exactly me, especially since I never liked Sailor Moon back when I first saw it as a kid other than for the rainbow-colored naked girls. Nevertheless, I am sort of excited to see what comes of this. I always like it when old franchises are brought back for a more modern audience, even if the results don’t always impress (*stares at Gatchaman Crowds*), plus I could really use a more traditional magical girls’ show in my life that isn’t bloody Precure. It also doesn’t help that nothing interesting happened this week that was worth writing about, aside from maybe the latest Monogatari episode, but that’s neither here nor there.

So yeah, I’ve got my eye on you “new” Sailor Moon. I’m going to miss Tuxedo Mask’s name being Darien Shields and all the sexual implications coming from that and all, but if I wanted a repeat of what the original Sailor Moon brought us, I’d just watch the original Sailor Moon. As long as we get more cheesy transformations, more schoolgirl antics, and more Tuxedo Mask, I’m all good. Just please don’t bring back those goddamn reset button endings. How come all magical girl shows I see nowadays seem to have those?

Now just actually come out this time so I can praise and/or trash you.

PS: Kyokai no Kanata did get announced today. Hooray. Let’s hope it’s not as bad as when the Kanon guy tried to move into some new territory and we got that crappy Sola anime.

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